Instructor Initiated Withdrawal System

Virginia Western’s Instructor Initiated Withdrawal System (IIWS) is an electronic system of validating student attendance/participation for purposes of complying with federal reporting guidelines. This system is designed for faculty to report non-attendance for two reporting periods: no-show reporting and withdrawal reporting.

IIWS Login

Log into the Instructor Initiated Withdrawal System via the IIWS link in your Faculty Resources page. This link will take you to the IIWS log-in page where you are prompted to enter your Blackboard credentials.

IIWS Login

No-Show & Withdrawal Roster Reporting

Upon successful login click on the Go To My Rosters link. Rosters that have a "View Roster" link will not be available to submit until the date open for that roster. If the deadline to submit a roster has passed, please click View Roster, print the roster from the IIWS system using the browser print option and take it to your Division Office. Click this link to open your roster. Rosters that have been submitted will have the date the roster was submitted.

IIWS Instructor Roster List

When you open the roster for a course, you will see a list of your students. This list of students matches enrollment information in the Student Information System (SIS), so this is an accurate record of the students enrolled in your class. If you have no students to withdraw, simply click No Withdrawals. If you have students you wish to withdraw, select the box next to their name, then select Withdraw Students.

IIWS Class Roster List

If you selected students and clicked "Withdraw Students" you will see them listed. If you selected "No Withdrawals" you will see the same page with the message "You have selected there are no students to withdraw from your class. Please click below to submit this roster with no withdrawals." In either scenario, you must click the Submit Roster button to submit this roster.

IIWS Submit Roster

Upon completion you will see your list of rosters and the date submitted (if applicable).

IIWS Roster Submitted

If you would like to verify the information submitted, select Open Roster to verify the results. The date you submitted the withdrawal will be noted.

IIWS Student Roster Submitted

Important things to note:

  • You have until the Roster Date Due to go back and add or remove students from the withdrawal list. This date is listed on your roster page.
  • If you miss a deadline you will need to print your rosters from IIWS, mark any no-shows or withdrawals, and submit the information to your Division Office.
  • If you have trouble logging into the system, or other issues, please contact with the email subject line "IIWS."