Advisor Center

How do Advisees Get Assigned?

New students are assigned an advisor when they apply to the college for a program of study. Currently enrolled students with undeclared majors are assigned a faculty advisor once they declare a program of study. Advisor assignments are made by a nightly program that assigns advisors to students based on their major and who are currently enrolled and who do not have an existing advisor.

I Have Too Many Advisees!

When looking at your list of advisees It may appear that you have a large number of them, but keep in mind that not all of those are enrolled. Although the advisee is assigned to you that doesn’t mean that the advisee is enrolled. The advisee stays on the advisor’s list of advisees until they are no longer active or they change their plan of study or graduate.

I Don’t Have Any Advisees!

For the health tech plans (like 156), the advisor is assigned when the student changes from the 156-01 (pre-admission) to the actual plan 156 and enrolls in classes. Returning nursing students will already have an advisor and new nursing students are assigned the advisor when their plan changes. Depending on when you were hired in this cycle, you may not have any advisees until the new nursing students are admitted for the next fall semester or if one of the current health tech advisors leaves Virginia Western employment.

Not having any advisees does not prevent you from meeting with and advising students. Should you choose to do so, all meetings should be documented in the Student Assistance & Intervention for Learning Success (SAILS) system. All full-time faculty have access to all students in SAILS, you can record notes from meetings with students, even if they are not your assigned advisee at this point.

Student’s assigned advisors can be found on the Student’s Student Center page within the Student Information System (SIS).