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Guaranteed Admissions Agreements

The Virginia Community College System has entered into guaranteed admissions agreements (GAA) with many of the four-year colleges and universities within the state. A GAA is an agreement that guarantees a Virginia Western student will be accepted to a specific four-year school when the student meets the requirements outlined in the GAA. The link below provides a current listing of the guarantee admissions agreements that Virginia Western honors as a member of the Virginia Community College System.

Guaranteed Admissions Agreements (click here for a current listing of agreements)

In addition to the agreements listed in the above link, Virginia Western has entered into various GAA’s independent of the Virginia Community College System (links for these agreements are located below).

Articulation Agreements

Virginia Western Community College has also entered into numerous articulation agreements with four-year schools in Virginia. An articulation agreement is an agreement that informs students as to what classes to take at Virginia Western in order to transfer them to a specific four-year school. However, completion of an Articulation Agreement alone does not guarantee admission to the four-year school.

High School/Dual Enrollment Students

It is important to note that students completing coursework through high school dual enrollment may need to take additional courses that are not necessarily required for their degree in order to satisfy a guaranteed admissions agreement. In addition, any high school student who completes an Associate’s Degree while in high school may not be eligible for a guaranteed admissions agreement. High school students taking college courses should carefully read the stipulations of each agreement and contact the four-year school with any questions concerning eligibility.

Agreements (Independent of VCCS)

Below is a list of articulation agreements and guaranteed admissions agreements that Virginia Western has entered independent of the Virginia Community College System.

(All documents are in pdf format unless otherwise noted.)

Bluefield State College

Ferrum College

Jefferson College of Health Sciences

James Madison University

  • AA/AS (Guaranteed Admissions Agreement)

Old Dominion University

Purdue University

Radford University

Roanoke College


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