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Credit by Exam

In disciplines where no CLEP or AP exam is accepted by Virginia Western, locally developed department "challenge" exams may be a means of earning college credit for prior learning by demonstrating satisfactory academic competency in a particular subject.

In order to be eligible for credit-by-exam, the student must be admitted to the college in a program of study, and the request must be made with at least two weeks' prior notice of the requested exam date. Departmental exams are not available for all courses taught at the college. Requests for department exams must be submitted to the appropriate division office.

Each departmental exam may be taken only one time for a course, and the student must attain a grade of "C" or better in order to receive credit for the exam. An exam may not be used to removed grades of "I", "F", "X", or "W", or to improve a grade already earned. Credits awarded by challenge examination may apply toward graduation requirements and will become part of the student's permanent record. However, the grade earned on the exam will not be recorded or calculated into the student's cumulative GPA. The grade earned earned on a department exam will be recorded on the student's official transcript.

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