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Student Life

Student Activities

Thomas Center, Room 210
Student Activities provide the opportunity for students to continue learning outside the classroom. The department's mission is to build a campus community through event and group involvement that builds relationships, strengthens the body, expands the mind or enriches the spirit.

Yearly activities may include trips, games and novelty programs, theatrical performances, college picnics and the annual Spring Fling. Visit the Student Activities website for the most current list of campus events.


Thomas Center, Room 210
Virginia Western's Athletics and Activities Department offers intercollegiate and recreational sports opportunities for students. The department's goal is to promote self-discipline, leadership, teamwork, and physical fitness while having fun and building relationships.

The intercollegiate sports offered are Men's Soccer, Women's Volleyball, Men's Basketball and Women's Basketball. Recreational sports in a given year might include basketball, pin dodgeball, tennis, indoor soccer, table tennis and bowling. Recreational sports may be played during open gyms, intramurals or tournaments.

Fitness Center

Virginia Western's Fitness Center will open in the new Student Life Center. To begin a new fitness program, sign up for one of the many PED classes. Virginia Western also offers open gym time through the Student Activities Office.

Off-Campus Housing

Thomas Center, Second Floor
Virginia Western Community College is a commuter-based campus and does not provide on-campus dormitories for students. The Student Activities Office provides information in finding off-campus housing and other pertinent information about the Roanoke community.

Student Health and Insurance

Thomas Center, Second Floor
Because Virginia Western Community College is a commuter-based campus, no health services are provided. Students are encouraged to attend to their own personal well being by following good health practices. Information on the Virginia Community College System Student Referral Insurance Providers may be found in the Student Activities Office. In the event of a medical emergency, first aid kits and trained personnel are available for assistance in most buildings on campus.

Student ID Cards

Thomas Center, Second Floor
Identification (ID) cards distributed to students, staff, and faculty may be obtained in the Student Activities Office. The ID card is intended for the sole and exclusive use of those to whom it is issued for the purpose of identification as a member of Virginia Western Community College. Students who register and pay for one or more classes are eligible to receive a Virginia Western Student ID card. Other staff and faculty members are eligible upon proof of status with the college.

The first card is issued free of charge to all students, staff, and faculty. ID cards identify the individual by name and bear a photo and a semester validation sticker, in the case of students and part-time employees. Each semester, students and part-time employees must visit the ID Card Office to receive a current semester validation sticker. The sticker is placed on the current ID card and verifies current enrollment or employment. Without this sticker, the card is invalid. There is a replacement fee for any lost or stolen cards. Damaged cards will be reissued at the discretion of the Student Activities Coordinator.

Valley Metro Partnership/Public Transportation

Students with a valid Virginia Western student identification (ID) card, with a semester validation sticker, may utilize the Valley Metro Service free of charge. Bus service is provided Monday through Friday each week, (no Saturday or weekends) when classes are in session.

Volunteer Center

Thomas Center, Room 210
The Volunteer Center is VWCC's connection to various volunteer and service learning opportunities in the Roanoke Valley. Working alongside several community organizations, the mission of the Volunteer Center is to provide students the opportunity to build their resume, explore a particular career, enhance their educational and professional experience and allow students the opportunity to serve their community.