Student Handbook

Campus Police & Safety

Virginia Western Community College's Campus Police are duly sworn officers of the law and charged with enforcing laws and protecting life and property on college grounds and Roanoke City streets immediately adjacent to the college. Campus Police are also trained as medical emergency first responders to provide assistance until the City of Roanoke Emergency Services can respond.

Contact Campus Police in the event of emergencies, including but not limited to the following:

  • Fire, Bomb Threat
  • Medical Emergency and Personal Injury
  • Crime, Threats of Violence or Suspicious Activities
  • Vehicular Accident
  • Lost or Stolen Property

Law Enforcement Authority

Campus Police are authorized by the state judicial system to perform the same law enforcement functions as local and state police. A strong working relationship exists between the college police and local and state authorities, both through mutual assistance agreements and through information processing and sharing. Emergency information and assistance from other agencies can be obtained immediately, usually through radio transmission.

Contacting Campus Police

Campus Police's office is located in the College Services Building. Campus Police may be reached at telephone number 857-7979. In the event of emergency, there are auto-dialer telephones in the Court of Four Seasons, on the east side of Webber Hall, in Parking Lot #1 near the Bookstore and outside the Campus Police office. There are also auto-dialer telephones inside all campus elevators which may be used to contact Campus Police. If you are unable to contact Campus Police in the event of an emergency, call 911.


Evacuation Procedures

Buildings should be evacuated whenever fire alarms are sounded, recognizable as an uninterrupted loud ringing/buzzing emanating from the corridors, or when so notified by college personnel such as Campus Police or college administrators. Students should proceed in a calm, orderly fashion from the classroom to the nearest exit. Once outside, move away from the building and driveways in order to maintain access for emergency vehicles.

Evacuation Procedures for Person with Disabilities

Loss of use of the elevator may be expected in the event of fire or power failure. If impairment in mobility prevents you from exiting a multi-story building, your instructor will direct you to an area of rescue, typically a landing inside a stairwell.


A lockdown will be ordered when notice is received of a situation that calls for immediate securing of all rooms, offices, and facilities to protect individuals from violent activities. This will involve sounding of the outdoor alert siren system and emergency alerts over the Collegewide Emergency Alert System. The lockdown will remain in effect until the "ALL CLEAR" is given via the alert system.

If Trapped in an Elevator

Use the emergency telephone inside the elevator car to request help. On campus, the telephone automatically dials Campus Police, who will arrange rescue.

Incidents and Statistics

Campus Police provides information on current campus incidents on the Campus Police website. The website also contains crime statistics and annual reports.

Additionally, Campus Police submit specific enforcement information to state and federal law enforcement entities using the Uniform Crime Reporting System.

Campus Police will also make every effort to obtain information from local police concerning crime that occurred in the areas surrounding Virginia Western property.