Student Handbook

Virginia Western FAQs

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Where do I park?

Generally, students should park in white-lined spaces that are not marked with any other restrictions. Students should follow parking rules posted on parking lot signs. Students are not issued parking permits.

Do I get a school email address?

Yes! Every student has an account! Log in to MyVWCC and click on "Gmail" to access your email account.

Students should check their email regularly (every day!) to see important announcements from faculty and campus departments. A "Student Bulletin" email is sent daily with campus announcements and upcoming events.

Why do I need a Student ID?

Current students can use their Student ID to check-in at the campus fitness center, use certain library services, and for using the Valley Metro service free of charge.* Student IDs also provide discounts at local merchants! Student ID cards are issued through Student Activities.

*Valley Metro available for current students only, Monday - Friday when classes are in session. Semester validation sticker required for use of service.

Where can I get something to eat?

Food vendors are located in the First Floor of Business Science and the Third Floor of the Student Life Center. Vending machines and the Bookstore also sell packaged food and beverages.

I have a complaint about Virginia Western or a college employee. Who do I talk to?

Virginia Western encourages students to first talk directly with the person or office involved with the complaint. If your issue is not resolved informally, the Student Grievance Policy is available for students to express their concerns. If you need assistance locating this information, please visit Chapman Hall.

How do I get my grades?

Final grades can be accessed via MyVWCC at the Virginia Western website after the end of each semester.

How do I know if the college is closed for snow?

Announcements will be made on local radio/ TV stations, posted on the college website and social media, and will be sent via text to VW Alert subscribers. When you hear an announcement that "Virginia Western Community College is closed" OR "Virginia Western Community College's classes are canceled", ANY activities or operations associated with the college are canceled and the college is closed. When you hear an announcement that "Virginia Western will open at [time]", classes will be held according to the Delayed Opening Schedule.

Virginia Western will issue announcements for both day and evening classes.

  • Notice of closing/cancellation for day classes will normally occur prior to 6:00am
  • Notice of closing/cancellation for evening classes will normally occur between 3:00pm and 4:00pm

How can I print something?

Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere (WEPA) kiosks are available for printing on campus. Cloud technology allows students to send documents to a print kiosk from a variety of devices (USB drive, home computer, smart phone, etc.). Print kiosks are stationed in various locations around campus. Print cards are available in the Bookstore. Black and white copies are 10¢ for each imprint and full color copies are 50¢ each imprint.

I've been accused of plagarism. What do I do?

Students facing academic misconduct charges should review the Student Conduct Policy. If you need assistance locating this information, please visit Chapman Hall.

Where can I go to study?

Brown Library is a great place to start! This building has various study spaces for different types of studying and learning.

On the main floor, the Academic Link has group study areas, computer stations, and academic drop-in centers. The top floor also has quiet study areas and individual study carrels.