Student Handbook

Academic Advising Information

New Student Advisors

Chapman Hall, Room 105
The Advising Center serves the needs of first-time students, non-curricular students, and students who are returning to Virginia Western after an absence of three or more years. New Student Advisors, located in the Advising Center, are knowledgeable about the variety of programs and curricular options that Virginia Western offers and can help students find programs that fit with their career goals, interests, and abilities.

New students can receive assistance with placement test score evaluation, academic success goals, academic planning, and details about the transfer and guaranteed admission agreements that Virginia Western has established with four-year institutions.

Program Advisors

Located in Academic School Offices
These advisors meet with returning students who are enrolled in programs housed within their respective schools. (School of Business, Technology, and Trades; School of Health Professions; School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences; and the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.)

Program Advisors are available to offer information about the course requirements for specific programs, the similarities and differences between programs, details about the transfer and articulation agreements that Virginia Western has established with four-year institutions, and assist students in establishing relationships with their faculty advisors.

Faculty Advisors

Once in a program of study, students are assigned a member of Virginia Western's faculty to serve as their faculty advisor. These advisors are able to offer field and program-specific information to students. Faculty advisors serve to assist students in developing a clear idea of the specific requirements of the programs they have chosen, as well as the ways in which those programs lead to employment or transfers to a four-year institution.

Student Assistance & Intervention For Learning Success (SAILS)

SAILS is a communication and course management system that allows students to schedule appointments with instructors, advisors, and other important support services. Additionally, SAILS provides easy, user-friendly access to important academic progress information.