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Academic Advising

At Virginia Western, academic advising is offered by a team of faculty and staff members comprised of New Student Advisors, who work in the Advising Center and advise new students, Program Advisors, who have office located near each academic school and advise returning students, and Faculty Advisors, who are assigned to students once a student has declared a program of study. Students are assigned a Faculty advisor based on their major and will work with that advisor during their pursuit of a degree or certificate.

The mission of Academic Advising is to partner with students to help them define, plan and progress towards their educational goals by fostering independence, facilitating a professional, supportive environment and promoting student development skills.

What does an Academic Advisor do?

In general, all academic advisors assist students in selecting proper courses as related to their declared program, interpreting curriculum requirements and assessing academic progress. Academic advisors are familiar with the college and with the programs for which they advise. They can either answer questions directly, or direct students to the appropriate campus resource. Each program placed student is assigned a faculty advisor, who becomes that student’s main point of contact for academic issues that impact educational progress.

Specifically, your academic advisor can help you by providing:

  • Academic planning assistance and guidance for course selection for upcoming semesters.
  • Advice and planning during times of academic difficulty.
  • Referrals to college or community resources.

When should you visit an Academic Advisor?

Visit the Advising Center when you:

  • Are a new student or a student returning after an absence of several years.
  • Need placement test results interpreted.
  • Are non-degree seeking and want to discuss courses for the upcoming semester.

Visit your faculty advisor when you:

  • Want to review your academic plan or discuss courses.
  • Need to discuss courses for the upcoming semester.
  • Are having academic difficulties.

Visit either your faculty advisor or your program advisor when you:

  • Need help locating someone to talk to about community resources.
  • Have questions about changing or adding additional programs.
  • Have questions about transferring.

Visit the Registration Room (in Duncan 212) when you:

  • Have questions about the registration process.
  • Need technical assistance registering for your courses.

For specific advising questions related to course registration, it is best to schedule an appointment in October to discuss the Spring Term, and in March to discuss the Summer and Fall Terms. Understand these can be busy times for advisors; you should make an appointment at least one week in advance. If you have to reschedule, please cancel your first appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

Once you have completed an academic advising appointment, please take a short survey by following this link to let us know how we are doing.

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