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Virginia Western AD Self-Service Portal Enrollment Instructions

You must enroll in the AD Self-Service portal first to be able to reset your own password or unlock your account.

From a computer or smartphone, open a web browser and go to which is a portal optimized for mobile device browsers. Alternatively, you can download the Manage Engine AD Self Service Plus application from Google Play or the Apple iOS App store to reset your password or unlock your account from your phone or other mobile device.

The following instructions are for a computer, but the smartphone instructions are nearly identical and should follow the same steps. At the sign in screen as seen below, login with your VWCC credentials. Be sure to enter the letters in the "Captcha" below the login information!

AD Portal Sign In

You will see this welcome message:

AD Portal Welcome Message

The Click Here button will take you to the Enrollment Screen.

Follow the instructions to create your security questions.
You must complete 2 security questions to enroll. The response must be at least 4 characters long.
Upon completion, if you want, you can choose My Info to update your user profile.


You are now enrolled and can manage your own passwords and unlock your account any time at

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