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Student VWtv Request

The Media Geeks highly trained and amazingly talented staff will create your advertisements for the VWtv system... Unless we're really busy. In that case, we'll have a room full of trained monkeys create your advertisements. Either way, your satisfaction is guaranteed.* Remember that we try to limit slides to about 16 words. Think of a billboard on the highway. You can't read much as you're driving by, so they try to give you just a few important words, and some catchy images. We'll be doing the same for your message so that students walking by the TVs get the message without stopping (they almost never stop to read the TVs).

*Actually, your satisfaction is not guaranteed if the monkeys create your slide. Monkeys don't take negative comments very well. However, we'll make every effort to make sure you love your slide.

Please fill out the items below as completely as possible to help us create the best advertisement we can. Advertisements will be posted on a "time and space available" basis. This means we can't guarantee that every request will get posted - it will depend on how busy each week becomes with required postings.

For more information please contact Natasha Lee, Student Activities Coordinator, at  .

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3D Printing

Do you have an idea for the classroom that you would like 3D printed? We can assist in designing and printing instructional aids for the classroom. Send us an email with your idea and we’ll be in touch. Click here to see how the Media Geeks are bringing 3D printing to the classroom.

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