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Media Geeks

Meet the Geeks

GEEK: noun / gēk

  1. A person with an eccentric devotion to a particular interest - a media geek
  2. The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult

Media, in our case, relates to all forms of delivery.  The projector in your classroom, the CD you pop in your player, the video you watch on YouTube.  It's all media, and we love to play with every bit of it!

Joe Bear, CTS, DMC-E-4K, CBJ

Joe BearOriginally an aspiring lighting designer, Joe came to us from Longwood University where he received his BFA in Theatre Design and Technology. After deciding he would rather make a career out of watching TV, Joe quickly made the move over to audiovisuals. Joe is the Lead Media Geek on campus which only means he gets to break things first. He is an AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist, Crestron DigitalMedia Certified Engineer 4K, and certified BBQ judge for the Kansas City BBQ Society. When not crashing electronic classrooms, you can find Joe volunteering for Roanoke Ballet Theatre, completing his goal of eating BBQ in all 50 states, and being a proud uncle.

Jim Underwood

Jim UnderwoodJim is our token Irishman. He has lived in Roanoke since 1999, with his lovely wife Marguerite and their kids, Jackie and Rory. He won an Edward R. Murrow Award while working as a Photojournalist for WSLS News Channel 10. He also worked as a documentary Producer for Blue Ridge PBS where he worked on several Emmy Award winning shows and was nominated for a personal Emmy for his part in the documentary “Virginia in the Civil War: A Sesquicentennial Remembrance”. He also won numerous Virginia and national awards for 2 series he produced, Blue Ridge Excursions and Blue Ridge Adventures. He is now a proud Media Geek.

Jason Garnett

Jason GarnettJason was the General Manager and Head Projectionist for the Grandin Theatre for 14 years. He recently had the privilege of serving as a projectionist for Quentin Tarantino’s 70mm Roadshow screening of “The Hateful Eight”. He also founded and operated Roanoke’s first and only commnunity microcinema, The Shadowbox in 2010. This beacon for independent, local cinema earned him the Arts Council’s Perry F. Kendig award in 2012. Jason is also our resident 3D printing expert and was deemed an Ultimaker Education Pioneer in 2016. He maintains an active presence in the non-profit community, serving on the Board of The Roanoke Skatepark Initiative and the Grandin Film Lab. When Jason isn't spending time with his beautiful wife and two childdren, he is playing bass in Swank who are currently finishing up their fourth full length studio album.

Corey Bapst

Corey BapstCorey is the resident gamer, who is always looking for ways to incorporate the latest technology in the world of streaming and content creation for gamers, and bringing it to the classroom. Aside from his official career with the Media Geeks, Corey has been a part of various professional esport organizations, including teams and event vendors. He specializes in growing brands and personalities, and has been invited to be a guest speaker on community engagement in the ever evolving world of social media. He has no children, but he has an extremely cute dog named Ellie, and is also an Eagle Scout.

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3D Printing

Do you have an idea for the classroom that you would like 3D printed? We can assist in designing and printing instructional aids for the classroom. Send us an email with your idea and we’ll be in touch. Click here to see how the Media Geeks are bringing 3D printing to the classroom.

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