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Since 2008, Virginia Western's Community College Access Program (CCAP) has provided opportunity and access to thousands of Roanoke Valley students.


By removing all financial barriers – providing a college degree or career credential at no cost – CCAP transforms lives.

It takes the "I can’t afford this" out of the conversation.

Join us in supporting CCAP.

Together, we can change lives. Together, we can make college possible.

CCAP Students

CCAP opens doors – to an associate's degree in a growing field, to a transfer pathway at a four-year university, or to a career credential that provides a quick connection to employment.

This is made possible thanks to the generosity of people who understand the critical importance of educating and training our region's workforce.


What has CCAP meant to you? (November 29, 2017)

Roy Dwyer is all about “paying it forward.” He is contributing to his great-niece’s college fund because his parents helped contribute to his two daughters’… (Read More…)

YOU are helping #MakeCollegePossible (November 27, 2017)

MaLora Bush.
Yadav Sapkota.
Cody Gump.
Alexie Jean-Jacques.

Recognize the names of these current or former Virginia Western students? Did you help them take a step further in overcoming life obstacles and achieving their academic goals?

Each of these students is deeply thankful for the support they received from the Virginia Western community. We helped them #MakeCollegePossible — which is the theme of the Educational Foundation’s new fundraising campaign to benefit the Community College Access Program (CCAP) and general scholarship needs.

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