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Testing Center

Non-VWCC Proctored Testing

As a service to the community, the Center also proctors some tests from other colleges and universities for people who are not VWCC students.

For those wishing to make use of this service, the following policies need to be observed:

  • The test taker will be responsible for initiating all communication relating to the proctored exam(s).
  • The test taker will be responsible for scheduling an appropriate time for testing.
  • The test taker will start and complete the test during the Testing Center's regularly scheduled hours.
  • If the test must be mailed out the same day as it is taken, it must be finished by 2 PM.
  • The test taker will be responsible for any fees that are involved with test taking:
    • The test taker will provide return postage for any test taken in the Testing Center.
    • If any special mailing is required, the test taker will need to make arrangements prior to taking the exam.
    • If a test requires a scantron, the student must provide this sheet.
    • The Testing Center cannot take money, so test takers will need to provide the necessary mailing materials from the source (the Post Office, Federal Express, UPS). This includes registered and certified mail. Arrangements must be made prior to test taking.
  • The test taker will need to show picture identification prior to test taking.
  • Specific information relating to test questions and subject information will not be given over the phone.
  • When essential, and required by the test taker's institution, copies of the testing material will be made.
  • The Testing Center, when appropriate, but at its discretion, will send testing materials back to the test taker's institution.

The Testing Center at Virginia Western Community College is happy to provide this proctoring service. We appreciate your willingness to make the process a smooth one by providing all the necessary materials and a helpful attitude.

Please see ourĀ homepage for specific information related to location and contact information.


Mon-Thurs: 8AM-8PM
Fri: 8AM-5PM
Sat: 9AM-1PM
Sun: Closed
Tests will not be given out within 30 minutes of closing

Contact Us

Testing Center
Location: Ground Floor, Brown Library
Phone: 540-857-7250
Fax: 540-857-6138

Mailing Address:
3095 Colonial Ave. SW
Roanoke, VA 24015