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Taking an Assessment or Test

To take a test or assessment on Blackboard:

  1. Login to your Blackboard account and go to the Blackboard course in which you need to take the assessment.
  2. Locate the assessment/test in the Course Content Area and click the link associated with it.
    Start a Quiz
  3. Click the Begin button to take the assessment.
    Begin Quiz
  4. Instructors may choose to have users enter a password to take the assessment.  If this is the case, enter the password into the field provided and click Submit to begin the assessment.  The assessment will not open until the correct password is provided.

  5. The presentation mode for delivering the assessment is determined by the instructor selected. Students may need to navigate between each of the assessment questions differently:

    • If the assessment questions are displayed all at once, students will see all of the questions on the same computer screen. Recommendation: Students need to click on the Save Answer button next to each of the questions to save the answer of that particular question before starting to answer the next question.
      Save Answer
    • If the assessment questions only show one at a time, students need to click on the arrow buttons to navigate to the next and previous questions. WARNING: Do not use the Back button on your browser to navigate through the test as this will terminate the test.
      Quiz Navigation
  6. When you have completed the assessment and are ready to submit it for grading, click Save and Submit.

    Submit Quiz
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