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Family Night Out: Cooking Classes

Food For Thought is offering fun and engaging evening sessions for middle school students and their family which may leave parents in awe of their kids' cooking skills.

Through Virginia Western Community College's Kids College, Food For Thought is offering two, 3-course cooking sessions, where adults and children will work together to make an easy, healthy dinner and dine together. Kitchen techniques, shopping tips and healthy options will be reviewed. For students who are already enrolled in Green Living this will be an opportunity for them to share with parents some of the lessons they may have already learned. Each student registered may bring up to two additional family members to join them in meal preparation.

Classes held at the VWCC Natural Science Center
Cost is $60/session per middle school student registered (includes up to two additional family members)
Space is limited

Click here to download the Family Night Out registration form. (PDF)

For questions and registration details contact Paulette Parkhill, 540-857-6514,


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