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WEPA Printing Frequently Asked Questions

For questions specifically about the WEPA system and how to operate, please click here. (A new window will open with the FAQs page on the WEPA website.)

Also, you can view the WEPA Quick Facts document (PDF), for fast and easy reference.

Click each question to reveal the answer.

>> How do I register for WEPA?

Anyone may register and sign up for a WEPA account at Simply follow the online instructions.

>> Where are the WEPA Kiosks Located on campus?

>> How do I know which Kiosk to use?

Any Kiosk can print your job. WEPA uses "cloud" technology so once you send a file to print using the WEPA print driver any kiosk can then output your pages. Any document sent to the cloud will remain in the queue for 24 hours until you decide to retrieve it. You only pay for what you decide to print.

>> I do not want to sign up for a WEPA account. Can I pay another way?

Pre-loaded swipe cards are available for purchase in $10 amounts and may be purchased at the Virginia Western Bookstore on campus. These cards may be used at any WEPA Kiosk on campus.

>> How long is my job kept in the cloud?

All files will be deleted if not printed within 24 hours.

>> How do I get a refund or contact WEPA about my prints?

Contact WEPA:

>> Why was this system implemented at the College?

In the past, Virginia Western had public printers in the library, labs, and learning centers for student use. These printers generated an estimated 4.2 million printed pages annually, which cost the college approximately $26,000. Based on this information, the Sustainability Committee, which consists of faculty, staff, and administrators, recommended that the college explore options that would encourage print conservation. A pay-for-print system has been identified as the best, most cost-effective option that has already been implemented successfully at other colleges and universities across the country.

>> What can I do to help the College conserve paper?

The WEPA kiosks are much more economical per page than printing from a personal inkjet printer and all WEPA Kiosks print in Vibrant High Definition (HD) Color. Remember these helpful tips before you print:

  • When possible print duplex. Using both sides of a sheet will use less paper.
  • Can the document be saved as a PDF file or other format and archived electronically or emailed?
  • When printing from the Internet or a multi-page document do you need the whole file or can you select specific pages to print?

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