Information and Educational Technologies

Technology for Faculty and Staff

Virginia Western has a variety of tools and technical resources available to you to help you do everything from signing on to the Student Information System, posting course assignments on Blackboard, Requesting Security, and Classroom Technology.


Blackboard is a course management system that is maintained by the Virginia Community College System. It allows you to post your course assignments, course announcements, and discuss course issues via the course discussion board.

Blackboard is Web-based, so there is nothing for you to install or download. All you need is an account and an Internet connection. Blackboard works with both Windows and Macintosh computers. You can access Blackboard using most Web browsers, but it performs best with an up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox.

Access Blackboard by using the same username and password you use to open MyVWCC.

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Computer Labs

In addition to the Testing Center, Math Center, and the Writing Center, the Brown Library Building houses a computer lab. The main computer lab (B17/18) contains 30 workstations, and is open to all Virginia Western students -- except during those times when the lab has been reserved for testing or class instruction. In addition to providing access to the internet, the computers in the main lab have the following software available:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access)
  • Choices 2008 (career software)
  • Maple9 (interactive software for advanced math)
  • Minitab (statistical software)

There are also several additional computer labs on campus that are available to students. Some labs are open with no restrictions; others are available only to students in certain programs of study. All labs are closed on holidays observed by the college and when the college is closed due to inclement weather. For additional information on all computer labs, lab restrictions, and hours of operation, please use the following link:

Computer Labs 

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Information and Educational Technologies (IET) provides and supports VWExchange/Outlook email for faculty and staff. Exchange is an e-mail-based collaborative communications server for businesses. In addition to email, VWExchange/Outlook offers calendaring, personal contacts, a global address listing, shared calendaring, and tasks.

With Office Outlook Web Access (OWA), you can use a Web browser to access your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox from any computer with an Internet connection.

For help with Email check out training and documentation regarding faculty/staff email.

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MyVWCC is your central source for accessing essential faculty and student information at your convenience. As a faculty member you have the ability to handle a variety of tasks; including accessing your class rosters, viewing your teaching schedule, entering grades, and managing your personal information. By using one logon and password, you have a common point of entry for accessing Blackboard, your VCCS email account, and the Student Information System.

Navigate MyVWCC is the place to find help for all your Student Information System tasks you need to perform.

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Online Class schedules

The Online Class Schedule is updated each morning to provide a fresh new list of classes each day for registration. The information is categorized by many different topics to facilitate your search and registration.

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Wireless Network

Virginia Western Community College offers the convenience of a wireless network to its campus community. All access through the network may be monitored and logged. Any illegal use of the wireless network will be reported to the proper authorities.

Wireless Security

VWWiFi is an open unencrypted network. Be aware that others may be able to view the information you transmit over an unencrypted wireless system. Due to the unrestricted nature of this service, the wireless network should not be considered secure. We offer this service as a convenience to our college community. Activities on the Internet that transmit sensitive or private information are not suited for this service. Please use caution and your own good judgment as you surf the Web on our open wireless system.

VWCCWiFi is a secure wireless network which is available to all currently enrolled students and all VCCS faculty and staff. This secure encrypted network requires the use of your MyVWCC username and password for authentication.

wireless policy

VCCS Computer Resource Policy Agreement - Wireless Access

Please read carefully!

Computer resources (equipment, software and bandwidth) referred to as resources throughout this document, are to be used in support of the mission of the college.

No user shall attempt to alter or modify the setup of resources. Activities that detrimentally impact the effectiveness or usability of VWCC resources are prohibited.

No user shall use any resource in an activity which violates federal, state, or local laws.

Activities and use of VWCC resources may be monitored, tracked and recorded. This may include your IP address, MAC address and any information sent or received.

State Law (Article 7.1 of Title 18.2 of the Code of Virginia).

The following are considered misdemeanor crimes.
(18.2-152.4) Damage to computer hardware or software.
(18.2-152.5) Unauthorized examination.
(18.2-152.6) Unauthorized use.

The following are felony crimes.
(18.2-152.3) Computer fraud.
(18.2-152.14) Computer used as an instrument of forgery.

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VWCC Alerts

We use VW Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency.

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