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MyVWCC - Classified Staff


MyVWCC is a single sign-in portal that gives you access to Blackboard, the Student Information System (SIS), a student gmail account, Library Services, the Virginia Education Wizard, and Compass Test Info. If you do procurement or budgeting, you also may have access to the Administrative Information System (AIS). If you use any of these systems, the primary system you may be using is the Student Information System. More information about the student gmail account can be found on the Student Email web page.  

Student Information System (SIS)

SIS is a database system that stores all of the information about students and their classes. Depending on the role you have, you'll get access to the data and reports that you need to do your job. The best way for a classified employee to learn SIS is through on-the-job training with a co-worker.

Administrative Information System (AIS)

AIS uses the same database and menu structure as SIS. You will only have access to AIS if your job requires it. Again the best way to learn it, is through on-the-job training with a co-worker.

Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

HRMS uses the same database and menu structure as SIS. You can actually access the HRMS functions by choosing either SIS or HRMS.  This system is where you input your timesheet and absence information (if applicable).

Commonwealth of Virginia Electronic Procurement System (eVA)

eVA is used if there are procurement duties in your job. eVA is not part of MyVWCC, however, if you use AIS for procurement, you'll also need access to eVA.

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