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Your official faculty/staff email address is normally If someone already has that combination of your first initial and the same last name, then your email address may use your middle initial or some other combination of letters to make your email address unique. If you have a computer on campus assigned to you, then you may be using the Outlook client to access your email. Everyone also has access to Office 365 Webmail, which can be used to access your official email from any computer connected to the Internet. The username and password to access Webmail is the same combination that is used to access the local area network on campus. Microsoft has some good online training for using Outlook and Outlook Web Access.

All employees are also given a student gmail account. This is provided so that faculty/staff can provide support to students having problems with gmail and also in case you are a student in addition to being an employee. However, when corresponding with your students, Dean, etc., use your official faculty/staff email account. The student email account can be accessed by logging into MyVWCC and selecting Gmail from the menu. Your email address for this account is your MyVWCC username followed by "". Training on gmail can be found at

The "Barracuda" is a firewall that sits between the Internet and our email server. The purpose of a firewall is to prevent spam and bad Internet traffic from entering our network. The key is that one person's spam may be important to another person. You may get an email message from the "Barracuda" asking you what you want to do with particular emails that the Barracuda firewall thinks might be spam. This is a legitimate email that you need to take action on. The Barracuda needs to be "trained", so when you get one of these emails, the Barracuda is essentially asking you how it should handle particular emails, then it knows how to handle them for you the next time. More training on the Barracuda can be found at this link (PDF).


The telephones on campus actually use the same network that the computers use. In fact for most people on campus, the network cable from the computer plugs into the telephone, then there is another network cable that goes from the telephone to the wall. Basic functions work like any other telephone. Use "8" when dialing to another Virginia state college or agency, as this will use the In-State Network instead of billing long distance. If that does not work or if you need to make an out of state call, then use "9" to get an outside line. Not all phones are setup to dial long distance. If long distance is needed and it's not available on your phone, please call the Help Desk at 77354. Refrain from using long distance for personal calls, the college does get billed for these and the list is auditable. Each classroom has a telephone, but these will not ring and are to be used in case of an emergency. If you want to know more about the other buttons and functions of the telephone, you can go to this page.


Voicemail is normally only available if you have a phone number assigned directly to you. There are several different indicators that you have a voicemail, one is the red light on the top of your handset, another is the little envelope icon next to your phone number and the third is a message on the second to the last line of the phone display. Voicemail can be accessed by pressing the messages button on your phone and entering your voicemail password.  Your voicemail messages will also be sent as an email attachment so you can access voicemail messages from anywhere you have access to your email.  More information about voicemail can be found at this link.

If this is your first time checking your voicemail, please call the Help Desk at 77354 to gain access.

Daily Bulletin

The Daily Bulletin has been designed for routine, non-emergency campus notices. It can be accessed from the Virginia Western home page under the Faculty & Staff section or use this link. All email addresses will receive an email copy of the Daily Bulletin each day.


VWConnect is the name of the VWCC Sharepoint site where employees can collaborate, provide content management of documents, implement business processes with automated forms, and supply access to information that is essential to VWCC's organizational goals and processes. VWConnect is only available on-campus or through the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

VWusers dlist

The faculty/staff distribution list (dlist) is a moderated email distribution list that is only "used for information that is urgent, non-routine, or unforeseen".  If you have information to share with the campus that is "routine, non-emergency" information, then it should be submitted to the Daily Bulletin by noon on the day prior to the posting date.  If it's an item for sale, give away or non-campus related items, then it should be posted to the Message Board on VWConnect.

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