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Clean The Flat Screen Monitors

The steps to cleaning our monitors have changed since receiving the new flat monitors. The flat monitors are sensitive and can not be cleaned with normal cleaning products such as water, paper towels or Windex. You will need to purchase special wipes for cleaning the flat monitors. We recommend Nice'n Clean - Anti-Static Cleaning Wipes for Electronic Equipment. You can find these at Walmart or Staples. Only use these wipes to clean your monitor.

Thank you for helping to take care of our monitors. If you have any questions or problems please contact the Help Desk at 857-7354.

Clear a Printer Jam

First, observe the message on Printer Display – This often indicates the area of the jam.

Below are places to check after observing the message. If the message does not indicate the area of the jam, check each area until it is located.

  • Check the top of the printer by lifting the top cover accessible from the front of the printer. Look inside with the lid opened to see if paper is partially pulled up into the printer. If so, gently pull it out.
  • The print cartridge may be lifted out carefully. If paper is lodged in the paper path, gently remove it.
  • Each tray may be removed. Ensure that paper is seated in the tray. Look inside with the tray removed to see if paper is partially pulled up into the printer. If so, gently pull it out.
  • Jams may occur in the duplexer unit in the rear of the printer. This can be removed easily.

If these areas have been checked and there is still a problem, contact the Help Desk at 77354 and report the problem.

Create a Shortcut to a file on the Network

Do you save files to your workstation Desktop? Are these files safe and secure?

The Desktop on your computer should only be used for shortcuts to documents you have already saved on the Virginia Western network. When using a networked Virginia Western computer you should always save your files to your I: drive or your departmental shared J: drive. Each employee who has requested access to Virginia Western's local area network is given network storage space to save files so if you save your files to the I: or J: drive, they are backed up nightly.

To create a Desktop shortcut to a saved network file for ease of retrieval, follow these directions Create a Shortcut To A File On The Network (PDF).

Never save files directly to your Desktop! If your computer has to be reimaged, you could lose all of these files. Practicing good file management will keep your Virginia Western network files safe and backed up!

Ways to save printing and copying costs

  • Instead of printing a document, save it to a USB drive or CD, then view it from there.
  • Email a document to your home email instead of printing it out and carrying the hard copy home.
  • Read documents directly on the screen rather than printing them out.
  • Use Print Preview to view documents and print only the information you need.
  • Cut and paste into Word or Notepad only the information you need to print and then print it.
  • Print multi-screen handouts in PowerPoint with multiple slides/screens per page.
  • Print two pages side by side on one page.
  • Use duplex printing and copying to print on both sides of the page.
  • Use black ink only, color ink is considerably more costly than black ink.
  • Font choice and size does make a difference in the amount of ink used.  Some good fonts are Century Gothic, Times Roman, and Calibri.  Some bad fonts are Arial, Sans Serif, Trebouchet, and Tahoma.
  • Send large print jobs and multi-copy print jobs to Printing Services. ( )

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