Grants Development & Special Projects

Grants Process & Forms

Grant Proposal Application Process

  1. Get Ideas
    • Notify Grants Development and Special Projects office of areas of interest.
    • Review grant announcements and grant-related websites.
  2. Get Proposal Idea Approval
    • Grant Application Approval Form must be completed (including pertinent signatures) and sent to the Grants Development and Special Projects Office for review prior to the application filing.
  3. Finishing Drafting Proposal
    • Upon final approval by college, the project manager prepares final draft of proposal for submission.
  4. Submit Proposal to Grants Office
    • Final proposal sent to the Grants Development and Special Projects Office for signatures.
    • Should be done 10 business days prior to application deadline or no later than 5 business days before application deadline.
  5. Send Proposal to Sponsor
    • After Grants Development and Special Projects Office review and President or designee signs proposal, it is returned to Project Manager to send to sponsor. Federal and State proposals are submitted by the Grants Office.
  6. If Grant Funded, Startup Meeting Held
    • Grants Development and Special Projects Office arrange kick-off meeting with appropriate individuals.
    • Finance Office provides Budget Code for project.
    • Other reporting instructions relayed to Project Manager.
    • Be sure to follow procurement, personnel, and reporting procedures.

Grant Application Approval Form

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For additional information, please contact the Grants Development and Special Projects Office at (540) 857-6372 or email at

Proposal Development Checklist

  • Start early, follow directions, and all guidelines
  • Consult with program head, academic dean, and vice president about proposal idea
  • Meet with the Director of Grants Development and Special Projects
  • Develop a workplan and timelines with the Director of Grants Development and Special Projects
  • Write, edit, and rewrite the proposal
  • Have someone else proofread proposal for errors
  • Keep program head, academic dean, vice president, and Grants Development and Special Projects office regularly informed of progress
  • Work with the Director of Grants Development and Special Projects in preparing the Grant Proposal Approval Form, getting signatures, and meeting deadlines for proposal submission prior to submitting the application
  • Construct a budget that conforms to agency and College guidelines
  • Write letters of support if appropriate or required
  • Consult with Human Resources if proposal requires personnel expenditures and fringe benefits or release time
  • Consult with IETS if proposal requires computer or software expenditures
  • Consult with Facilities Management if proposal requires a need for physical space or building expenditures
  • Consult with Division Vice President and Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services if release time is required
  • Discuss issues of matching funds with Director of Grants Development and Special Projects
  • Finalize proposal and budget

Proposal Writing Tips

The Dos:

  • Check your project idea against the college's mission statement and against the goals of your department or the department affected by the grant.
  • Make your project idea as specific as possible; general proposals rarely get funded.
  • Contact the granting agency to verify if your project meets eligibility requirements.
  • Develop a timetable for planning and preparation of grant. (The Proposal Development Checklist can help)
  • Get appropriate approval according to college's procedures before going ahead with your proposal. (See Grant Proposal Application Process)
  • Read the proposal guidelines carefully: Your mission is to fit your idea into what the agency is funding.
  • Check to see if the funding agency has funded similar projects in the past and learn what you can about those projects.
  • Develop your budget for the project before writing the proposal.
  • Follow directions and all guidelines.
    • Use a journalistic style of writing: Who, What, Why, When, Where and How.
    • Remember your English writing rules: Tell them what you are going to tell them (thesis), tell them (supporting information), and tell them again (summary).
    • Avoid jargon, acronyms and other abbreviations.
  • Have someone who is not familiar with your proposal read and critique it.
  • Complete the Grant Application Approval Form with appropriate signage at least 2 weeks prior to the proposal deadline (Enter your deadline for this).

The Don'ts:

  • Don't beg for funding.
  • Don't bind proposal or put it in a cover as the funding agency may need to copy it.
  • Don't be overly dependent on a professional grant writer to prepare your proposal as that person may not be familiar with your field or type of project.

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