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2016 Fall Scholarship Recipients

African American Railroad Heritage Annual Scholarship
  • Alexie Jean Jacques
Alumni Association Annual Book Scholarship
  • Vera Kulyabina
  • Shawna Reinhardt
Appalachian Power Endowed Scholarship
  • Thea Vanessa Avila
  • Jackson Olsson
Mike Bassett Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Blythe Aidean Ignacio
Dennis L. & Hazel Phillips Blalock Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Margo Walker
Dr. George K. Bowers Youth Haven-Sanctuary Annual Scholarship
  • Jessica Marine
  • Dorothy Smith
Brown & Sons Farm Annual Scholarship
  • Laura Livingston
William Frank Burton Jr. Annual Scholarship
  • Andreson Timothe
Orrin Clifton Annual Scholarship
  • Vera Kulyabina
Continental Societies Endowed Scholarship
  • ShaKim Holland-Deskins
Rita Halsey David Radiography Endowed Scholarship
  • Laurel Burdette
Down Syndrome Association of Roanoke Annual Scholarship
  • Sherelle Paige
Employee Family Scholarship
  • Danielle Dennis
Employee Giving Annual Scholarship
  • Malora Kingery
Encore Capital Group Inc. Community College Scholarship
  • David Powell
  • Kimberly Simmons
The Flippin Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Latoria Hancock
  • Andreson Timothe
Foot Levelers Endowed Scholarship
  • Lauren Nepper
  • Ashley Rader
Fralin & Waldron, Inc. Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Craig E. Via
  • Jeffry Fisher
Fred Whitaker Company Annual Scholarship
  • Chelsea Broce
  • Savanna Gross
  • Madeleine Hallberg
  • Haley Holdren
  • Mohammad Sabbagh
  • Cristen Walton
Friendship Annual Scholarship
  • Rachel Freshwater
Friendship Retirement Community Registered Nursing Program
  • Monica Saunders
Katherine Futrell Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Jason Kretzer
Diana D. Good Memorial Scholarship
  • Carlitia Coles
Judy Hackworth Memorial Annual Scholarship
  • Antonia Douchi
Dr. Donna Harpold Memorial Annual Scholarship
  • Carrie McKnight
Beverly and Leon Harris Occupational/Technical Annual Scholarship
  • Brandi Rogers
Beverly and Leon Harris Teaching and Nursing Annual Scholarship
  • Kelly Combs
HoneyTree Early Learning Center Endowed Scholarship
  • Carlitia Coles
Gertrude Light Hubbard Annual Scholarship
  • Britney Patsel
Dr. & Mrs. Abe Jacobson Annual Scholarship
  • Sean Barger
Nicholas E. Janney Memorial Scholarship
  • Geoffrey Hicks
  • Jash Vaidya
Kiwanis Club of Botetourt County Endowed Scholarship
  • Justin Desai
Lakeland Masonic Lodge Annual Scholarship in Honor of David K. Mays
  • Lyndsey Switzer
Stanard and Betty Lanford Endowed Scholarship
  • Geoffrey Hicks
LewisGale Medical Center Endowed Scholarship
  • Tammy Kalb
The John Mathis, MD, and Krista Crawford-Mathis Endowed Scholarship
  • Amina Oulmi
McFarland Endowed Scholarship
  • Seoyeong Jang
David L. Nickerson Honorary Endowed Scholarship
  • Ross Allison
Nursing Endowed Scholarship
  • Abbigail Carter
  • Kashi Dangal
Odasz Annual Scholarship
  • Ehlawlah Taw
Optical Cable Corporation Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship
  • Anna Goode
Pearman Annual Scholarship
  • Nicholas Smith
Barry L. Pendrey Memorial Scholarship
  • Shawna Reinhardt
  • Kimberly Simmons
Petroleum Marketers, Inc. Endowed Scholarship
  • Robert DeSouza
  • Katherine Maness
Lorraine Pleasants Memorial Annual Scholarship
  • Sherelle Paige
Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship for the Culinary Arts Benefiting First Year Students
  • Elias Vance
Al Pollard Memorial Scholarship for the Culinary Arts Benefiting Second Year Students
  • Caleb Bedwell
  • Denise Bibby
  • Erin Coonradt
  • Jessica Marine
Col. William Preston Chapter NSDAR History Scholarship
  • Megan Perdue
Richfield Living Annual Nursing Scholarship
  • Julie Taylor
Roanoke Valley Academy of Medicine Alliance Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Rachel Waddell
Shenandoah Life Annual Diversity Scholarship
  • Katty Mancia
Shentel Foundation Annual Scholarship
  • Alexie Jean Jacques
Garnett E. and Patsy T. Smith Endowed Scholarship
  • Danielle Dennis
Dennis Spaulding Memorial Developmental Annual Scholarship
  • Gerardo Sanchez
Valley Bank Endowed Scholarship
  • Yasmin Griswold
Walter Darnall Vinyard Endowed Scholarship
  • Blythe Aidean Ignacio
  • Anna Liskey
  • Ehlawlah Taw
Alice Becker Hinchcliffe Williams Endowed Scholarship
  • Amy Saunders
  • Katharyn Seay
Beverly Day Williamson, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
  • Steven McClure
  • Hope Yearout
Sallie and Elsie Williamson Endowed Scholarship
  • Thea Vanessa Avila
Donald Willson Memorial Scholarship
  • Ross Allison
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