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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of scholarships are available?

Virginia Western Educational Foundation scholarships are established by the generous donors who have made these scholarships possible and awarded by the Educational Foundation Scholarship & Grants Committee.

Who should apply for an Educational Foundation scholarship?

Any student currently enrolled or who will enroll in a minimum of 6 credits for the upcoming academic semester at Virginia Western Community College with a minimum 2.0 GPA should apply. It is important to note that some scholarships do require full-time enrollment and if you are awarded one of these scholarships you will need to be enrolled full-time to receive the scholarship.

I don't qualify for financial aid, should I still apply?

Absolutely! Scholarships are available for academic excellence and/or financial need. The Virginia Western Educational Foundation awards scholarships to students who demonstrate financial need, but may or may not qualify for financial aid. Educational Foundation scholarships are funded by many individuals, community groups, corporations and others and are awarded on a competitive basis.

How do I know which scholarships I should apply for?

When you access the online application, you will find a listing of scholarship descriptions that will describe the individual scholarship criteria for each scholarship that is available during that particular application process. Select the scholarships that you believe you stand the best chance of receiving.

What are the conditions regarding the use of scholarship awards?

Scholarship funds may be used only for tuition, books, and supplies required for courses taken at Virginia Western Community College as stated in the Scholarship Agreement Form.

How do I apply for an Educational Foundation scholarship?

To complete your application for an Educational Foundation scholarship you will need to:

  • Complete the online Educational Foundation scholarship application. Please note: only online applications are accepted.
  • Bring to the Educational Foundation one copy of your or your parents completed and signed tax returns. Do not include any schedules.
  • Bring to the Educational Foundation your two completed recommendation forms. Additional information on the recommendation forms, along with the form themselves, are available on the online application. Note: the completed recommendation forms must be in a sealed envelope.
  • Bring to the Educational Foundation your unofficial VWCC transcript (if a current Virginia Western student. This information can be printed from MyVWCC) or your high school transcript or proof of your GED.

In order for your application to be considered complete, all of the above information must be received by the scholarship deadline. You must hand deliver your completed information to our physical address.

Please remember that Educational Foundation scholarships are processed in the Foundation office. Do not submit the required information above to the Financial Aid Office.

When is the Educational Foundation Scholarship Deadline?

The deadline for applying for scholarships varies depending on the semester. Students should apply when they first begin to see information on the scholarship process. All parts of the scholarship application (a completed application, taxes, statements of recommendation, and transcript) must be submitted to the Educational Foundation by the deadline listed on the application to be considered.

Who should complete my recommendation forms?

Recommendations are an important part of the scholarship award process. One recommendation form should be completed by a Virginia Western instructor and one should be completed by an individual outside of Virginia Western. If you have never attended Virginia Western, you may ask former teachers, employers, or colleagues at work to complete the form. Please note, recommendation letters by relatives/family members are not acceptable.

How are recipients selected and notified?

Recipients for the various awards are chosen by the Virginia Western Educational Foundation Scholarship & Grants Committee using a competitive award process. Recipients of the scholarships will be notified of their award by the Educational Foundation. Students who apply for but do not receive a scholarship may still be eligible for loans, grants, or scholarships from federal, state and other sources. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information regarding loans and/or grants. A list of all scholarship recipients will be posted on the scholarship website and updated each semester.

If I receive an Educational Foundation scholarship, how will the funds be disbursed?

Once a student has been awarded a scholarship, that amount will be credited to his/her student account here at Virginia Western.

What expenses will be covered by an educational foundation scholarship?

Scholarship funds are most commonly used to cover tuition and fees, but funds may also be used to cover books or other allowable expenses as stated in your Scholarship Agreement.

Who can I contact if I have a question about the scholarship process?

For more information you can contact our CCAP & Scholarship Program Coordinator.

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