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Public Education and Outreach

Virginia Western Community College has integrated Stormwater Management information into various educational programs. The stormwater management web site is periodically updated with current information on Virginia Water Quality regulations, aquatic ecosystems and pollution prevention. VWCC teams with Clean Valley Council for public education.

Public Participation and Involvement

This program intended to educate college faculty and students about components of watershed management and how Virginia Western is working to improve regional water quality. Public involvement is the key to a successful stormwater management program. Clean Valley Council (CVC) has agreed to work with VWCC to develop watershed management seminars for the public.

There are many ways citizens can get involved:

Virginia Western is exploring current options to identify local organizations to assist with a storm drain labeling program, and to affix markers to drains located on and surrounding properties with this local organizations including schools and local business.

VWCC will re-evaluate the installation of a rain garden on campus property. Local organizations, consultants, faculty and students and Clean Valley Council will discuss the possible locations of a rain garden.

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