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About VWCC

Facilities Management Services


Facilities management is composed of Trades (energy management, maintenance and repair) and Grounds (grounds, and housekeeping services). Requests for service should be submitted to your Division Office for input on the VWCC electronic work order system, "Maintenance Connection" (on-campus access only). Typical requests would include maintenance, repair, or housekeeping issues.

Work Orders and Service Requests

Contact your division office to submit an electronic work order on the Maintenance Connection system. Clearly state the nature of the problem, contact number, building name, room number, and best time to perform the work if related to instructional space. Submitted work orders will be received by FMS, assigned, processed and tracked to completion. Status updates can be queried by the division office. The work order system should be used for all normal maintenance, repair, lighting, HVAC, plumbing, housekeeping, paper deliveries, pest control, leaks, locks, painting, trades and grounds problems with the exception of safety and emergencies.

Housekeeping Services

Our janitorial contractor, ServiceMasters, provides housekeeping services throughout campus. Most services are performed during the third shift, between the hours of 10:30 PM and 6:30 AM, Monday through Friday. If you encounter problems with housekeeping services, please notify FMS between the hours of 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Contact 857-6483 to report items.


Keys are used to maintain campus security, prevent theft, and protect your personal safety. Keys are ordered through the division offices with approval of the Division Dean. Each key request issued is identified and assigned to an individual who is responsible for the keys safekeeping. Please keep all keys in a safe place, do not loan your keys and report lost keys immediately to both FMS and the division office. Lost keys are assessed a 50 dollar replacement fee payable to VWCC. Upon employment termination each department is responsible for collecting and returning keys to FMS for placement back into inventory. Forms for key issuance and return are available from FMS. Adjunct faculty will be reassigned keys at the start of each Fall Semester.

Personal Items and Valuables

Personal items and valuables brought on campus buildings, parking lots or property are your responsibility. Losses are not reimbursable by the college. Report all theft to campus police immediately. For security lock offices and keep valuables locked. For your safety office doors have view windows. The glass should remain un-obscured by any blockage.

Miscellaneous Information

Posting Information

Bulletin boards in the corridors are for posting information. Dated information should be removed by the posting party. All postings should be neatly attached at all 4 corners. Posting information on doors, walls, painted or finished surfaces other than available bulletin boards is prohibited. These postings will be removed. The college reserves the right to remove any posting for any reason. The Colonial Avenue pedestrian bridge postings are organized and maintained by the student activities coordinator. These areas are reserved for departments and student groups.

Faculty Office and Classroom Tack Boards

The tack boards next to faculty doors should be used only by faculty for posting items directly related to their schedule or class information. Posting information on doors, walls and finished surfaces is not allowed.

Life Safety

Life safety systems include fire walls, sprinklers, fire alarms, exit signs, fire doors/closers, fire shutters, areas of rescue assistance, and emergency lighting. VWCC facilities are not designed to remain operational in an extended power outage or emergency systems mode. Office doors typically swing freely without closers but doors in fire walls are required to have closers. Propping fire rated doors open defeats fire safety systems and is a violation of NFPA and VSUBC code. Fire safety depends on detection and containment. Consequences range from substantial fines, to the buildings closure by the State Fire Marshal. In the event of an actual fire if these systems are compromised it may result in unnecessary loss of life.

Energy Management

State owned facilities must comply with Governor's Executive Order 48 and Order 54 requires annual reductions in consumption/usage. Set points are mandated at 66 degrees Fahrenheit for heating and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Facility heating and cooling is limited after hours and on weekends to conserve energy. If you work after hours or weekends in a building not designated for seminars or classes you may find systems shut down. State policy requires personal space heaters, non UL labeled equipment, fans, and candles not be used in state facilities unless "UL listed for commercial" use. These devices are considered safety hazards by the State Fire Marshal, OSHA, and State Property Insurers. These devices also foil the mechanical system sensors to properly read and adjust room temperatures to provide the correct heating and cooling to the space. Extension cords with multiple outlets are also non compliant as they result in circuit overloads and become a tripping hazard. Each department is responsible for enforcement of this policy, removal of space heaters, non UL equipment, non compliant equipment, fans, candles, non fire rated fabrics and wall hangings when discovered. Injuries and liabilities to the college resulting from private property are the owner's responsibility.

Contact Us

Location: College Services Bldg
Phone: 540-857-6483
Fax: 540-857-6023

Mailing address:
3054 Colonial Ave. SW
Roanoke, VA 24015

Emergency Contact:
If a facility-related emergency develops outside of normal business hours (7:00 AM - 4:00 PM), contact Campus Police at 857-7979.