Financial Aid

Aid for Summer Semester

Financial aid for Summer Semester is very limited!

Important Information

  • In order to be considered for summer financial aid a student must be enrolled and attempting courses in an eligible program.
  • If you are eligible for grant support for Summer Semester, an award will be made to you.
  • You will receive a financial aid award letter outlining your eligibility for Summer Semester.
  • You will not need to make a payment to the Business Office, provided your financial aid awards are sufficient to cover your full tuition cost. If your financial aid awards are NOT sufficient, you will have a balance due and must pay this amount by the school's due date. Otherwise, you will be dropped from your course(s).
  • If you are not eligible for any grant funds, you will be sent a notification and will be provided the option of applying for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan. If you are not interested in applying for a loan or you are not eligible for loan support, you will need to pay for your course(s) on the day that you register in order to have these retained for you.
  • If you have sufficient financial aid to purchase books, you need to review your award letter for specific dates when to charge your books in the Bookstore.

Program-Specific Information

A student who does not utilize all of his or her Pell Grant award during Fall and Spring Semesters has funds available for use during Summer Semester. For example, a student with an annual Pell Grant award of $2400, who enrolls half-time during Fall Semester and full-time during Spring Semester, typically receives $1800 ($600 Fall + $1200 Spring) during the regular academic year. This leaves an additional $600 available for use during Summer Semester.

Other grant funds (SEOG, COMA, CSAP, PTAP) come from fixed annual allocations to the institution, and typically are very limited as we move into Summer Semester. It is possible that some of these funds will be available for use at that time, though we can provide no guarantee. Assuming that some funds do remain, it certainly will be to your advantage to return your Financial Aid Request as soon as possible.

Your award(s) will be based on the number of credits for which you register. If you decide upon a different enrollment status from the one you initially indicate, please inform the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible so that your award(s) may be revised in an expedient manner. If you do not inform us of a change in your enrollment status, your award(s) will still be adjusted accordingly at the end of the add/drop period, but additional complications could arise.

Please be reminded that all awards are contingent upon your continuing compliance with the institution's satisfactory academic progress standards. If you are not in compliance at the end of Spring Semester, your Summer Semester financial aid awards will be canceled. You will then be notified of the need to pay the balance due on your student account to ensure that your course(s) will not be dropped.


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