Financial Aid

Appeal for Reinstatement of Financial Aid

Under certain circumstances, students who fail to meet SAP standards and lose eligibility for financial aid can appeal the financial aid suspension. Students must clearly state what caused the suspension and must also clearly indicate what has changed that will now allow the student to succeed. Appeals are encouraged if:

  • Extenuating circumstances exist (i.e., student's serious illness or accident; death, accident or serious illness in the immediate family; other mitigating circumstances), or
  • The student has successfully completed one degree and is attempting another, or
  • The student is on suspension for other than Maximum Hours (150%), is not meeting SAP requirements, and has enrolled in and successfully completed at least 12 semester credits at the College with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Students appealing a suspension must:

  • Complete the appropriate appeal form in its entirety (forms list),
  • Attach documentation in support of the appeal, including meeting with an advisor to determine a plan of completion to graduation for 150% appeals, and
  • Submit all items to the College Enrollment Center.

Only complete appeal submissions, with documentation, will be evaluated by the Financial Aid Office. The decision is final. Depending on the circumstances, the student could be required to complete additional requirements (i.e., see a career counselor or another type of counselor, meet with an advisor to develop an academic progress plan for completion, limit enrollment, etc.) before an appeal is granted. The goal is to help the student get back on track for graduation. The reasonableness of the student's ability to improve and again meet SAP standards and complete the student's program of study will be carefully considered. Appeals will be approved or denied. Students who have appeals approved will be in probationary status for the coming term. During probationary status, the student must meet the conditions of the appeal as communicated to him or her by the Financial Aid Office, or the student will return to suspension. If an academic progress plan has been pre-approved by financial aid, continuing to meet the requirements of that plan will put the student back into good standing.

Appeal for Reinstatement of Financial Aid (docx)
This form should only be used by students who are not in compliance with the 67% (or GPA) rule.

Appeal for Extension of Financial Aid (docx)
This form should only be used by students who are not in compliance with the 150% rule.

Examples of Acceptable Documentation

Death of immediate family member

  • Death certificate, or obituary, or memorial card
    Note: Immediate family consists of parents, siblings, grandparents, household members. Proof of relationship may be required.

Legal Issues/Illness

  • Documentation from an appropriate professional must be on official letterhead or agency forms. Notes on prescription pads are not acceptable.
  • If not clear from the letterhead or other forms, the credentials of the professional must be provided.
  • Date of onset and release from doctor's care.
  • Dates of hospitalization, doctor's appointments, physical therapy, court appearances, etc.
  • Doctor's opinion about readiness to return to school.
  • If documentation is of a sensitive nature, it may be submitted to Financial Aid/Veterans' Affairs, Room C106, 3094 Colonial Ave., Roanoke, VA 24015 where it will remain confidential.

Applicable only if failing 150%

  • Statement from academic advisor detailing proposed plan of action to successfully complete current program of study.
    Note: Out of consideration for your advisor's schedule, you must allow a minimum of 3 business days prior to the appeal deadline.

Letters of support from family members, significant others, friends and neighbors are not sufficient documentation.


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