Financial & Administrative Services


Vice President of Financial & Administrative Services

Miller, Cheryl540-857-6310
Vice President of Financial & Admin. Services
Fishburn Hall F212D


Aaron, Fred540-857-6053
Business Manager
Fishburn Hall F212B
Bernier, Edith540-857-6671
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Fishburn Hall F109E
Chauncey, Becky540-857-7202
Procurement Officer
Fishburn Hall F209F
Cunningham, Pamela540-857-6315
Admin. & Office Specialist
Chapman Hall C104
Daniels, David540-857-6288
Procurement Oficer I
Fishburn Hall F212E
Harrison, Gene540-857-6691
Chapman Hall C104
Poff, Wanda540-857-6313
Policy & Planning Specialist
Fishburn Hall F212
Thomas, Debra540-857-6319
Payroll Specialist
Fishburn Hall F007B
Underwood, Jenni540-857-6801
Accounting Manager
Fishburn Hall F209
White, Joanie540-857-6317
Payroll Supervisor
Fishburn Hall F007B
Whiteside, Marla540-857-6316
Fishburn Hall F209A
Williams, Dorrisa540-857-6634
Payroll Assistant
Fishburn Hall F007
Williams, Yolanda540-857-6312
Admin. & Office Specialist
Chapman Hall C103
Wilson, Gracie540-857-6320
Senior Accountant
Fishburn Hall F209C

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