Financial & Administrative Services


Vice President of Financial & Administrative Services

Ridpath, Lisa
Vice President of Financial & Admin. Services
Fishburn Hall F212D


Aaron, Fred
Business Manager
Fishburn Hall F212B
Bernier, Edith
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Fishburn Hall F209E
Chauncey, Becky
Procurement Officer
Fishburn Hall F209F
Cunningham, Pamela
Admin. & Office Specialist
Chapman Hall C104
Daniels, David
Procurement Oficer I
Fishburn Hall F212E
Harrison, Gene
Chapman Hall C104
Poff, Wanda
Policy & Planning Specialist
Fishburn Hall F212
Thomas, Debra
Payroll Specialist
Fishburn Hall F007B
Underwood, Jenni
Accounting Manager
Fishburn Hall F209
White, Joanie
Payroll Supervisor
Fishburn Hall F007B
Whiteside, Marla
Fishburn Hall F209A
Williams, Dorrisa
Payroll Assistant
Fishburn Hall F007
Williams, Yolanda
Admin. & Office Specialist
Chapman Hall C103
Wilson, Gracie
Senior Accountant
Fishburn Hall F209C

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