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Policies & Procedures

Contracts & Pay Checks

Contracts are issued about two weeks after classes have begun. Please note that your pay is not released by Human Resources until all required documents (including official transcripts) are received.  Please be proactive about checking on these.

Pay Dates

Full-time faculty are paid bi-mothly, starting Sept. 1 thru May 16.

Adjunct faculty, who teach 16 week courses, are paid three times during the semester. These dates usually fall around Oct. 1, Nov. 1, and Dec. 1. For those teaching short 8 week sessions during the fall and spring semesters, you will be paid once for those classes. The first eight week session is paid around Oct. 1 and the second eight weeks around Dec. 1. Seminars are paid in full during the next pay period after the class ends.

The current pay schedule is available on VW Connect under Financial & Administrative Services.

Direct Deposit

All faculty, full-time and adjunct, will be required to sign up for direct deposit or to receive a payroll debit card. Paper checks will no longer be used. We strongly encourage everyone to use direct deposit because the debit cards are not insured and may not be accepted at all locations.

Faculty Evaluations

Adjunct Faculty

Student evaluations are completed at the end of the semester in both in-class and distance learning classes. These must be completed in every section you teach, summer, fall and spring. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Read all directions carefully.
  • Fill out the faculty cover page as indicated in the directions
  • Have each student list the class id number and fill in the bubbles
  • Select one student to collect the evaluations and return them to the division office
  • Encourage the students to make written comments, not just fill in the bubbles
  • Leave the room and give the students privacy to complete the applications

After the evaluations are returned and scored, they will be used as part of your adjunct evaluations. Adjunct evaluations take place each fall. Adjunct faculty evaluations include the student evaluations and a self evaluation. All adjunct faculty will be required to meet with the Assistant Dean for their evaluation. The self-evaluation form will be provided and will need to be returned to the Assistant Dean prior to the meeting. New adjuncts will be evaluated the first two fall semesters after they begin. After that, evaluations will be held every other fall.

Full Time Faculty

Full-time faculty are evaluated by their supervisor every year using the college's evaluation procedure. This can be found in the faculty handbook at http://www.virginiawestern.edu/facstaff/facultyhandbook/evaluation.php.


VWCC Alerts

We use VW Alert to immediately contact you during a major crisis or emergency.

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