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VaCIE - VCCS Faculty Exchange Program

The VaCIE-VCCS International Exchange program is an international faculty exchange between the Virginia community colleges and comparable institutions of higher education in The Netherlands and Ghana. Its purposes are to foster the exchange of information about the best practices in higher education, to sharpen the global perspectives of the participants, and to promote lasting international friendships and partnerships. Participants will have an opportunity to learn new educational techniques, to study the approaches taken by different educational systems, and to learn something of the history and culture of another nation, thus broadening their intellectual perspectives and better preparing them for an increasingly multicultural and international classroom.

Virginia delegates will be matched with a Dutch or Ghanaian faculty member, preferably from the same discipline. The European and African delegates are hosted by their Virginia partners (at home and school) for a two-week visit in October. Virginia delegates are hosted by their partners in Ghana and The Netherlands in the last two weeks of May after commencement.

Eligibility: Full-time faculty and administrators
Cost to participants: Zero
Participating Countries: The Netherlands, Ghana
Deadline for applications: March 25, 2011

Contact previous VWCC participants about their experiences: Annemarie Carroll, Ruth Hendrick, Ellen Holtman

Learn more about VaCIE at http://international-faculty.vccs.edu/.

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