Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Position Number: FA096

Reports to: College President (00074)

The objective of Institutional Advancement is to promote understanding of the College – its people, programs, policies, and needs – among its varied constituencies, and to secure adequate public and private support essential to the fulfillment of its mission. The Vice President for Institutional Advancement is responsible for numerous programs that increase the college’s positive involvement in the service area and that expand programs for faculty, staff and students to increase external visibility, relationships and activities. Primary leadership functions involve initiatives emanating from the President’s Office and the Virginia Community College System, strengthening the college’s role with various private and public entities, and building regional and national relationships with associations, other institutions and systems. The Vice President directs the programs within the Office of Institutional Advancement, made up of Marketing and Strategic Communications, Grants Development, the VWCC Educational Foundation, and other programs and activities promoting the college throughout the service area. These various functions operate in a strong team environment with each one dependent upon the other to fulfill the goals and objectives for the college.


Coordinates and manages all activities for implementing private development and fund-raising programs for student scholarship programs, professional development activities and other special efforts through the VWCC Educational Foundation, Inc., a private IRS 501c3 organization. Promotes the college to the service area for support and giving, and communicates information to college employees and the general public so that the various constituencies in the service area view the college as a viable source of investment and support. Serves as the Chief Development Officer and the Executive Director of the VWCC Educational Foundation, Inc. Communicates and confers with various community leaders in soliciting support for the college. Coordinates activities of the VWCC Educational Foundation Board, oversees the fiscal processes for scholarship awards, and directs the work of alumni affairs in garnering support for the college in a variety of ventures. Schedules and organizes the details of VWCC Educational Foundation Board of Directors meetings, and maintains records and minutes of all meetings. Compiles and distributes reports and business materials to board members.


Serves as a member of the President’s Cabinet to provide leadership in the development and implementation of institutional policies and procedures. Confers with the President and other Vice Presidents to determine resource needs of the college not satisfied by the state; directs plans to generate funds to meet resource needs and develops strategies for positively representing the College to its constituents. Plans, develops, and implements the private resource development program for the college through private, non-state sources to supplement programs, scholarships and activities of the college. Develops fund-raising goals and strategies for various groups who are involved in soliciting funds or gifts. Coordinates work activities and plans with volunteer leaders to develop fundraising goals and strategies for prospective donors. Oversees the facilitation of and fundraising for the Community College Access Program. Confers with the President, the President's Cabinet, the Local Advisory Board and Educational Foundation Board to determine the strategic, capital and annual needs of the institution. Designs, writes and edits fund-raising and informational materials to solicit funds or gifts from a variety of targeted individuals and groups. Researches sources of funds for individual giving and through gifts from foundation and corporate resources. Prepares and submits foundation and corporate grant proposals by working directly with the Director of Grants Development. Coordinates activities for college alumni involvement in Foundation and fund-raising activities. Acknowledges gifts received with proper recognition to the donors and develops the donor recognition program. Organizes and arranges special events programs and promotions for prospective donors and for recognition of those who have given.


Coordinates and administers the implementation of a comprehensive, integrated marketing, advertising, interactive media, Brand strategy, public relations plan and products developed through the Office of Marketing and Strategic Communications. Demonstrates broad understanding of the mission of Virginia Western Community College and of the principles of marketing and community relations expertise to guide internal and external communications that are designed to support increased enrollment, strengthen community outreach, and to raise financial and community support and advocacy for the College. Confers with the President, Vice Presidents, deans, and other appropriate management officials to determine strategies that define our core purpose, mission and values, articulating to the marketplace with measureable results. Communicates and confers with various officials to strengthen the college’s relationships with a wide variety of groups, such as AACC, other community college associations and organizations, and with the consortia of colleges, universities and the public school systems. Develops a comprehensive governmental relations program to include relations with local, state and federal government elected officials, administrators and agency contacts. Tracks all federal and state legislation that has potential or real impact on the college and its programs. Determines the strategies for responding to legislation, regulations and resolutions. Communicates with local and state elected officials about the college, local and state services and programs, and recommends how the college can be involved or can benefit from these programs. Communicates with the VCCS Office of Governmental Affairs and the Office of Public Affairs on legislative matters and general public relations plans.

15% Develops an annual report of activities for distribution to board members, donors, college officials, and other interested parties. Manages budgets, restricted and unrestricted accounts and record-keeping systems of the investment portfolio. Develops official correspondence for the communications and information management of the Institutional Advancement activities. Communicates with Financial Services accounting staff relative to accounts, resources, investments and financial statements. Responds to audit findings regarding development activities in conjunction with the college's investment accountant as necessary. Oversees the college’s Pursuit of Grants plan to expand financial resources and program delivery. Confers with the Director of Grants Development on the priorities for meeting the external funding in the Pursuit of Grants plan. Performs other duties as assigned by and/or on behalf of the President.