Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Vice-President of Financial & Administrative Services

Position Number: FA131

Reports to: College President (00074)

Directs, manages and supervises the financial and administrative functions of the college to include accounting, procurement, payroll, auxiliary enterprises, budgeting, technical support services, facilities management, capital outlay planning, construction activities, and printing services.

45% Directs and supervises the management and control of all financial and administrative services and planning functions of the college, including the areas of accounting and budgeting control, administrative data processing, payrolls, purchasing and stores, inventory control, auxiliary services, operation and maintenance of physical plant properties, bookstore services, central records, and printing services.
15% Cooperates with all areas of the college in educational program planning, and coordinates the preparation of educational specifications for facilities, equipment and services, taking into consideration approved educational program plans. Works with all areas of the college to gain their counsel during all stages of planning and construction of college facilities. Coordinates the development of a complete master plan for the college, updating it when appropriate, and develops capital outlay requirements for campus development, new construction, and equipment requirements for new construction. Provides general direction and administration of the construction of all college facilities.
15% Establishes and oversees policies and procedures for the use, maintenance, and protection of equipment, buildings, and grounds, acquiring supplies, and providing utilities and services.
10% Supervises an administrative and statistical accounting and reporting system to support the management of the college and to respond to the reporting requirements of the VCCS and other agencies.
10% Supervises the design, enhancement and maintenance of the College’s local and wide area computer networks, telephone and other general-purpose communications systems, the client-server architecture for information systems management, computer security and disaster recovery programs, and general PC-user support activities, including help desks and basic technology training.
5% Develops and recommends administrative and financial policies and procedures, and coordinates the implementation and exercise of all such policies and procedures.