Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

College President

Position Number: 00074

Reports to: Chancellor

The President is responsible to the Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System for organizing and operating the community college in accordance with the policies, procedures, and regulations of the State Board for Community Colleges and the Virginia Community College System. Specific responsibilities of the President are:

  1. providing principle-centered leadership and supervision for the community college, including:
    1. occupational/technical education, college transfer education, general education, and developmental education,
    2. continuing education, workforce education, and community services,
    3. student access and student services, including counseling programs, student admissions and records, financial aid, disability services, and student activities,
    4. budget planning and fiscal management,
    5. management and development of all campus sites and facilities, and technology,
    6. recruitment, selection, and professional development of the college’s human resources,
    7. serving as secretary to the Local College Board.
  2. assuming responsibility for the student enrollment growth relative to the growth of the college’s service area;
  3. developing effective regional and community relations with other organizations and individuals for the benefit of the college and community;
  4. providing leadership for institutional resource development including serving as institutional liaison to the foundation and active involvement in fundraising, grants, gifts, and other resources;
  5. serving as legislative advocate for the college and the Virginia Community College System;
  6. leading and institutional effectiveness program for the purpose of continuous improvement;
  7. representing the college at appropriate local, state and national events;
  8. maintaining an active program of professional development;
  9. serving as a member of the VCCS Advisory Council of Presidents to study, analyze, and recommend policies and procedures to the Chancellor in the areas of budget and finance, human resources, technology, and academic and student affairs, public and governmental affairs, workforce development; and
  10. supporting the work of the Virginia Community College System by actively participating in events and initiatives as requested by the Chancellor.

Reference: VCCS Policy Manual, Section 2A-24