Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Professional Counselor - Intervention Services

Position Number: FA178

Reports to: Dean of Student Services (FA099)


Based upon referrals and information received from faculty, staff and students, assesses the needs of students identified for behavioral or medical intervention in order to determine provision of services or student conduct actions. Manages a caseload of students with medical, mental health, socialization, academic and/or behavioral needs to ensure they access appropriate support systems. Communicates with and responds to parents and students to address complex student issues through initial contact to resolution. Communicates with academic administrators, faculty members, and advisors as needed to ascertain the issues and/or concerns of student behavior. Provides consultation and follow-up services to relevant parties. Assists the Dean of Student Services with student emergencies as requested in order to provide rapid and coordinated response.


Promotes student retention via early assessment and intervention as issues arise or are detected. Coordinates activities of the Department of Health 3PL Grant for pregnant and parenting students. Supervises the part-time 3PL Coordinator who is responsible for program development and service delivery as required by the grant. Develops and updates a student services website and intranet site to communicate resources to students, faculty and staff. Develops appropriate means to receive referrals from students, faculty and staff. Establishes and maintains community resources for referrals of students for a variety of medical, behavioral or mental health needs. Prepares communications for establishing service relationships within the community and for approval by appropriate college authorities.


Reviews and triages Care Team reports. Using established policies, procedures and protocols, responds to students of concern. Calls meetings of the Care Team, establishes the agenda for Care Team meetings, and assists in identifying appropriate interventions for students of concern. Generates reports of students of concern for Care Team meetings. Establishes and maintains regular contact with Care Team members and network of off-campus providers to support at-risk students.


Develops programs, conducts training and makes presentations to faculty, staff and students on a wide range of issues related to mental health wellness and awareness, alcohol and drug abuse prevention programs, sexual assault prevention, personal safety and other related programs for general health and well- being.

5% Serves as primary resource and advisor for international students. Certifies enrollment for issuing of I-20 visas. Assists international students in connecting with college and community resources.
5% Advises students through general academic advising during peak fall registration periods (generally May – August)