Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Information Technology Manager II (Director of Information & Educational Technologies)

Position Number: 00091

Reports to: Vice-President of Financial & Administrative Services (FA131)

To provide technical and organizational leadership to the Information & Educational Technologies department and its functional workgroups. Creates, develops and executes the college’s annual Technology Plan with multiple budgets usually exceeding one million dollars a year. Serves as the college’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) providing strategic planning for the acquisition, use, and growth of college-wide information resources in the support of education, research, and administrative operations. Also serves as the college's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and charged with enforcing VITA standards at the agency.

Provides college-wide leadership for all technology and information systems and related areas. Areas of responsibility include, but are not necessarily limited to: academic information systems, administrative information systems, support of web-based services and development, desktop support, administrative applications support, communications networks, network infrastructure, VOIP telephone services, compressed video services, multimedia support and development, printing services, audio/visual services, and the video/television infrastructure. Manages multiple technology related budgets.

Responsible for providing multiple technology related services not only to VWCC, but other agencies such as Radford University, Old Dominion University, Roanoke County School Systems, Botetourt County School Systems, VCCS Information Technology Services, WBRA Public Television, and the Virginia State Police.

The position reports to the Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services, and has the authority to make independent decisions. Operational supervision and management is, to a very large degree, delegated to other senior IETS managers.


Plans, directs, coordinates and manages the operations of the Information & Educational Technologies department including budget, personnel, strategic planning, project management, policy administration and operational effectiveness. Monitors the goals and objectives of internal IETS service groups, and recommends action to ensure objectives are met. Evaluates projects in progress with staff and conducts final review of projects upon completion. Manages work activities through the development of performance plans, evaluations of performance, assigning of work activities and projects, approving leave requests, resolving conflict, determining and initiating disciplinary actions. Participates in the selection, evaluation, and discipline of subordinate managers and key personnel. Communicates status of all projects and initiatives to immediate supervisor and user community as needed. Organizes operational priorities for IETS and translates those priorities into appropriate staff organization and task assignments through functional group managers. Delegates to and holds the functional group managers accountable for delegated tasks of departmental goals.

Provides resource management and is dedicated to developing high performance teams to achieve desired results. Provides strong team leadership and is a team player when needed. Promotes career and professional development of IETS staff members. Assesses strengths and weaknesses of IETS departments and current needs, and identifies plans to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses. Provides IETS staff with information on the availability of existing and emerging technologies in support of their mission in the organization, including: facilitating technology staff meetings and participating on various committees as needed. Demonstrates ability to lead people and get results through others. Organizes and manages multiple priorities and projects. Demonstrates ability to be proactive and realistically plan projects and goals.

Provide quality assurance by working closely with all IETS units to manage customer relations, optimize customer satisfaction and maintain superior customer service standards and practices. Manages customer relations. Reviews quality assurance surveys for projects and operations led by the department and requests appropriate
action by supervisors when need.

Approves proposed user’s guides, bulletins, "News Brief" articles, e-mail messages, policies, guidelines and other documents created to disseminate information essential to the college user community.

20% Creates, develops and executes the college's annual Technology Plan with multiple budgets usually exceeding one million dollars a year. Creates and realizes a technology vision; develops strategies for achieving the technology vision and complete college-wide initiatives; and researches and implements new and emerging technologies. Ensures college compliance with Chancellor's Expectations document and continued focus on the Chancellor’s Dateline 2009 initiatives. Demonstrates highest level of knowledge of information technology best practices and adheres to the newly published SEC 2001 guidelines.
15% Serves as the college's Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, provides leadership for technology initiatives and ensures efficient integration of various systems. Approves technology related purchases to ensure compatibility to current systems and standards. Exhibits sound knowledge of IT concepts and practices. Conducts problem analysis and problem resolution at both a strategic and functional level. Maintains a secure and auditable information systems environment. Recommends and implements policies and procedures related to the use of information technology resources. Adopts policies and procedures that guarantee optimum use of information systems resources for financial and educational advantage. Develops policies and procedures for ensuring cost effective provision of academic and administrative technologies and information systems. Supervises staff members who devise, develop, implement and maintain systems of internal controls, emergency backup procedures, proper licensing, system upgrades, and disaster recovery plans to ensure integrity of information, security of data bases, and internal network access control. Initiates and participates in other short and long term strategic planning for information technology-related initiatives. Analyzes problems as required and develops effective solutions. Conducts information technology research and development providing college personnel with costs/benefit analyses and recommendations. Directs the continual development and implementation of appropriate Security, Business Impact and Disaster Recovery Contingency plans that control risk factors in applicable information technology systems. Reviews, recommends and implements policies, standards, guidelines and technical direction for the department and/or college related to information technology.
10% Provides financial oversight in the execution of the Technology Plan by managing various information technology related budgets (IETS departmental budget and Technology Plan Funds [General Funds, Technology Fees, and Equipment Trust Fund]). Oversees the budgeting and resource management for projects and implementation. Develops, monitors and makes annual recommendations for adjustments in the technology budgets if needed.

Collaborates with IT professionals from other colleges and universities and with vendor partners to identify information technology directions, develop software standards, and enhance technical service offerings. Participates in professional growth opportunities by attending and/or presenting at state and/or national meetings and other relevant technology-related events. Serves as a leader in information services beyond the campus, initiating strategic partnerships with business and industry and other colleges and universities to explore innovative uses of information technologies. Fosters communications and interaction with individuals at all levels of the college to facilitate technology initiatives. Establishes and maintains vendor relationships. Represents the college on advisory boards, committees, and organizations to promote information technology best practices for higher education.
Prepares reports and conducts presentations as needed for the college administration and other IT related committees, such as the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable (TLTR) committee. Maintains working knowledge of legislative and regulatory issues affecting information technology as they relate to higher education.

5% Provides a central clearinghouse function for all technology related college procurements of hardware, software and services, including preparing and reviewing Agency and Procurement Requests (APR) for resources and services. Participates in the research of and application for various technology-related grants or revenue sources to support technology-related projects. Approves technology-related grants submitted by the college. Performs other duties as assigned.