Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Administrative Officer for e-Learning & Instructional Technology

Position Number: FA033

Reports to: Coordinator of Distance Learning & Instructional Technology (FA101)

The Instructional Designer and Technologist provides support for college-wide uses of instructional technologies and organizes and provides college-wide faculty training and development, support student access to course content and the faculty's ability to deliver content over the Internet.


Serves as a consultant to instructional divisions and individual faculty and staff regarding the integration of technology into curricula; the development and implementation of technology enhanced instruction; the effective and efficient design of face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses; and methodologies associated with the application of various technologies to teaching and learning.


Assists, develops, and delivers training content and support services for distance learning and instructional technology with Blackboard and the college website. Ensures the procedures for support of students, faculty, staff, and administrators are maintained and adjusted as necessitated by the changing requirements of the State, VCCS, and VWCC distance learning program and instructional technology and design needs.