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Faculty Handbook (Full-Time & Adjunct)

The Virginia Western Community College (VWCC) Faculty Handbook is a resource document that provides VWCC faculty with information about the policies and procedures which affect their employment and which assist them in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Most of the policies and procedures that govern VWCC faculty are prescribed by the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) and apply to faculty throughout the VCCS. These system wide policies and procedures are provided in the VCCS Policy Manual. Local policies, procedures, and issues that apply specifically to the faculty at VWCC are provided in the VWCC Faculty Handbook. The Topical Index in the VWCC Faculty Handbook identifies the topics that are available in both the Handbook and the Policy Manual so that VWCC faculty will have a single reference to all of the policies and procedures and can quickly find where information is located without having to hunt through separate indexes.

Faculty have access to hard copies of the VCCS Policy Manual and the VWCC Faculty Handbook through the college's library and division offices. Faculty also have access to the VCCS Policy Manual and the VWCC Faculty Handbook through the Faculty Information icon on everyone's desktop on their PC. Double click the faculty information icon and it will go directly to the Faculty Information page. At this point, the following links are available: VWCC Faculty Handbook, Topical Index, VCCS Policy Manual, Memos from the Chancellor, Master Course File and the Fact Book.

It is important for VWCC faculty to remember that they are responsible for complying with both the system wide procedures as set forth in the VCCS Policy Manual and the local policies and procedures as set forth in the VWCC Faculty Handbook. Faculty will be notified in writing when changes and revisions are being made to either document. Questions concerning areas that are not covered in either the VCCS Policy Manual or the VWCC Faculty Handbook should be directed to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.

The following policies and procedures apply to both Full-Time and Adjunct faculty unless otherwise indicated.

(last updated 2/11/13)

Table of Contents

  1. Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic Planning Goals (PDF)

  2. Academic Calendar (PDF)
    • II.1.0 Academic Calendar for 2013-2014
    • II.2.0 Exam Schedules 2013-2014
  3. Faculty Salary Plan (PDF)
    • III.1.0 Faculty Compensation Plan
    • III.2.0 Faculty Salary Schedule (includes Appointment of Adjunct Faculty Information)
    • III.3.0 Overload Pay/Summer School Pay/Workload Credits for Special Activities
  4. Employment Procedures (PDF)
  5. Faculty Office Hours (PDF)
  6. Faculty Evaluation and Merit Plan (PDF) (includes links to Adjunct, Dual Enrollment, and Workforce Faculty Evaluation Plans)
    • VI.1.0 Faculty Evaluation and Merit Plan
    • VI.2.0 Student Evaluation of Instructor
    • VI.3.0 Ad Hoc Appointments
  7. Professional Development Plan (PDF) (Full-Time Faculty Only)
    • VII.1.0 Professional Development Plan
    • VII.2.0 Guidelines for VWCC Professional Development Requests
  8. Educational Aid Policy (PDF)
  9. Sabbatical Leave Policy (PDF) (Full-Time Faculty Only)
  10. Library (PDF)
    • X.1.0 Misson Statement
    • X.2.0 Policy for Library Orientation
    • X.3.0 Book Selection Policy
  11. Grant Proposal Policy and Procedures (PDF)
  12. Computer Use Guidelines (PDF)
    • XII.1.0 Computer Lab Use Policy
    • XII.2.0 Acceptable Use Agreements for Employee, Student & Patrons
    • XII.3.0 Use of Electronic Communications and Social Media
  13. Clean-Air Guidelines (PDF)
  14. Workplace Harassment Policy (PDF)
  15. Conduct (PDF)
    • XV.1.0 Campus Civility
    • XV.2.0 Policies and Procedures for Student Conduct
    • XV.3.0 Responding to Disorderly Conduct
  16. Solicitations Policy (PDF)
  17. Substance Abuse (PDF)
  18. A Guide to Accommodating People with Disabilities (PDF)
    • XVIII.1.0 Section 504 Regulation
    • XVIII.2.0 Students with Disabilities
    • XVIII.3.0 Suggestions for Classroom Accomodations
    • XVIII.4.0 Accommodations for Attention Deficit with/without Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
    • XVIII.5.0 Accommodations for Blind/Visually-Impaired Students
    • XVIII.6.0 Accommodations for Students with Head Injuries (Opened or Closed)
    • XVIII.7.0 Accommodations for Students who are Deaf/Hearing Impaired
    • XVIII.8.0 Accommodations for Students with Psychological/Emotional Illnesses
    • XVIII.9.0 Accommodations for Students with Mobility/Coordination Impairments
    • XVIII.10.0 Accommodations for Students with Seizure Disorders
    • XVIII.11.0 Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities
    • XVIII.12.0 Accommodations for Students with Chronic Health Impairments
    • XVIII.13.0 Policy on Hearing Impaired Students
    • XVIII.14.0 Notetakers
    • XVIII.15.0 Grievance Procedure
    • XVIII.16.0 How a Student with a Disability Accesses Services
    • XVIII.17.0 General Documentation Guidelines
    • XVIII.18.0 Policy Regarding Personal Aids & Services for Students with Disabilities
    • XVIII.19.0 Stipulations for Assistance Animals
  19. Guidelines for College Retirement Functions (PDF) (Full-Time Faculty Only)
  20. Honoraria Policy (PDF) (Full-Time Faculty Only)
  21. Guidelines for International Education and Travel Abroad (PDF) (Full-Time Faculty Only)
    • XXI.1.0 Guideline for Faculty Traveling Abroad without Students
    • XXI.2.0 Guidelines for Faculty Traveling Abroad with Groups
    • XXI.3.0 Guidelines for Teaching Courses Abroad
    • XXI.4.0 International Travel Forms
  22. Safety Procedures (PDF)
    • XXII.1.0 Safety Procedures Locations
    • XXII.2.0 First Aid
  23. Office Closings & Inclement Weather Policy (PDF)
  24. Children & Pets on Campus (PDF)
  25. Offices and Services (PDF)
    • XXV.1.0 Location of Offices and Services
    • XXV.2.0 Miscellaneous Information
  26. Instructional/Registration Information (PDF)
  27. Tax Sheltered Annuity Program (TSA) Guidelines (PDF)
    • XXVII.1.0 Tax Sheltered Annuity Program (TSA) Guidelines
    • XXVII.2.0 Special Notice to Companies Marketing Tax-Sheltered Annuities
  28. Policy on Private Fundraising (PDF)
    • XXIII.1.0 Policy and Procedures for Fund Raising
    • XXIII.2.0 Fundraising and Solicitation Report Form & Gift Acceptance Policy


  1. College Organization (PDF)
  2. Position Descriptions (PDF)
  3. Copyright Policy and Procedure (PDF)
  4. Intellectual Property Policy (PDF)

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