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Grant Proposal Policy & Procedures

General Guidelines

These procedures outline the procedures and authorizations necessary for developing and submitting grant proposals. Even if the college is a partner or involved in a consortium planning to develop and submit a proposal for funding, these steps are required.

The President and Vice Presidents are the only individuals authorized to submit grant proposals for the college.

All external proposals must be reviewed and signed by the Grants Development and Special Projects Office. These include proposals submitted to the following entities:

  • Federal
  • State
  • Local government
  • Organizations
  • Foundations

Process for Routing and Handling Internal Proposals

Virginia Western Educational Foundation grant proposals will continue to be sent directly to the Educational Foundation Office. For additional information related to Educational Foundation grants, contact the Coordinator of Resource Development.

Virginia Community College System (VCCS) proposals such as the Paul Lee Professional Development and Workshop Mini-grants, are to be submitted to the appropriate Academic Dean and Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. Copies of VCCS proposals are to be sent to the Grants Development Office for filing and tracking.

Use of the Grant Application Approval Form is required if approval is needed by Human Resources, Information and Educational Technologies, or Facilities Management Services.

Internal and External Proposals

(See PDF for flowchart summary of Grant Proposal Application Process and forms)

If you want to develop a Grant Proposal, you should:

Get Ideas

  • Notify the Grants Development Office of specific areas of interest.
  • Review grant announcements and grant-related web sites found on the Grants Development and Special Projects web page.

Determine if your idea fits the college’s mission, strategic plan and goals

Review the cost-effectiveness and compatibility of the proposal with the college’s mission, strategic plan and goals. Funded projects must be consistent with SACS criteria and adhere to relevant commonwealth policies and procedures, which include but are not limited to the Virginia Community College System, Virginia Western Community College and the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Use correct application forms and get needed signatures

  • Faculty or staff member developing proposal is responsible for obtaining signatures for approval from Program Heads, Academic Deans, and Vice Presidents (VP) in a timely manner.
  • Grant Application Approval forms can be found on the Grants Development and Special Projects website or from the Grants office.

If grant requires hiring of personnel, you must have prior approval from the Human Resources Director (HR), who must review salaries and benefits for personnel.

If grant involves Computer Equipment/Software, you must have prior approval of the Director of Information and Educational Technologies Services Support.

If grant requires modification of College Buildings or Property, you must have prior approval from the Director of Facilities Planning & Development.

If grant requires Matching Funds or In-Kind Contributions, you must have request for matching funds or in-kind contributions approved by the Vice President of Finance or the President.

If grant requires Reassigned Time for faculty or staff, you must have it approved by the respective Vice President, the Vice President of Finance, and the Human Resource Director.

Responsibilities of Project Manager/Departments Associated With Grants

Project Manager

  • Prepares the proposal with attention to needed signatures and deadlines.
  • Follows through on the project which includes delivering award letter to Grants office, initiating and carrying out project and accomplishing outcomes as described in the proposal.
  • Keeps accurate and detailed reports of matching and in-kind contributions.
  • Ensures that grant funds are expended appropriately according to federal and state regulations and the conditions of the grant.
  • Compiles and submits requested reports to the funding agency and/or college on time.
  • Works with the Grants Development and Special Projects Office to ensure compliance and successful project execution.

Finance Office

  • Has VCCS assign a new grant account number and forwards this number to the project manager and Office of Grants Development and Special Projects.
  • Approves all purchase requisitions.
  • Assures that funds are expended according to federal and state regulations and the condition of the grant.

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