Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Dean of Student Services

Position Number: FA099

Reports to: Vice-President of Academic & Student Affairs (FA010)

This position provides the leadership and management for all student services programs. Manages admissions processes, financial aid, student records, advising services, student activities, career services, retention services and student support services. Serves as the chief student services officer for the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and is a member of the Vice President’s management team.


Leads, directs and manages the daily operations of student admissions, retention programs, student records, financial aid, minority affairs, counseling services and student activities. Plans, develops, and administers budgets for these programs. Establishes operational goals and strategies for each function and measures results. Recommends staffing needs, equipment purchases, facilities needs, and services necessary to carry out program activities. Evaluates employee performance, schedules work activities, approves leave requests, and takes corrective actions as appropriate in employee matters.


Develops and coordinates procedures and programs for student admissions to insure an efficient and effective process of registering and enrolling students into the college. Communicates with academic divisions and facilitates registration of students and the academic advising processes. Manages the admissions process through integrating the advising services, admissions staff and financial aid office in support of enrolling existing and new students. Enforces provisions of federal law relative to international students and interprets visas to determine status of international students. Develops and oversees a comprehensive student orientation program. Coordinates student disciplinary procedures and serves as student liaison to the committee. Coordinates student emergency fund.


Develops and coordinates programs for student retention through general career counseling, transfer services, diversity programs and student activities. Directs programs for a comprehensive student advising system. Coordinates special programs designed specifically for the purpose of assisting students in their academic and career decisions. Oversees the activities of the federally funded Student Support Services program. Develops and implements a recruitment program that includes visits to high schools throughout the service area and to other high schools that request VWCC involvement.

15% Directs the student records management program in compliance with state and federal laws and VCCS policies. Plans, with the Vice President’s Office, the grade reporting policies, graduation ceremonies and activities, and the reporting processes relative to student financial aid programs. Oversees the execution of these various policies and takes corrective actions as necessary to resolve or prevent problems. Integrates technology into the records, admissions and financial aid processes. Coordinates and oversees the implementation and operation of the PeopleSoft student information system.
10% Advises students or prospective students to correct problems or to determine actions relative to their matriculation. Makes second-level determinations regarding the domicile policy and responds to challenges to actions of staff in executing policy matters. Creates specific counseling services for students involved in distance learning programs. Generally directs the student activities programs to insure an effective program in student life and the development of clubs and organizations. Directs activities for intramural sports programming and various club team sports involved in competitive activities. Approves the expenditures of student activities funds. Serves on college committees as assigned. Researches and writes reports for submission to the Vice-President, President, or VCCS authorities.
10% Serves as an ex-officio member of the college Affirmative Action Committee. Monitors the student affirmative action plan for compliance and recommends modifications to the Vice-President, the President and the Affirmative Action Committee. Directs the compliance issues for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to insure that the college's programs and offerings are meeting the requirements of the law. Serves as the college's Title IX coordinator.