Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Director of Learning Resources

Position Number: FA048

Reports to: Vice-President of Academic & Student Affairs (FA010)

This is an administrative faculty position that directs and manages a comprehensive program of learning resources to include library services, related technology services, student instructional support programs and group/individualized tutorial services.  Directs all programs in support of traditional library services and instructional support to students, while developing and administering a variety of automated services.


Directs and supervises work activities of the Learning Resources Center (LRC) that includes library services and the programs of the Learning Technology Center (LTC).  Writes position descriptions, develops performance plans, evaluates performance, and corrects employee-related problems.  Conducts interviews and recommends new hires, assigns work tasks and responsibilities, establishes deadlines, schedules work.   Gathers data on all LRC operations for the development of various reports.  Develops and manages the annual LRC budget which includes professional development travel, supplies, equipment, repair and maintenance, LTC materials and technology resources, and the books and periodicals funds.


Plans and develops a book and periodicals collection that is supportive of the college's curriculum.  Plans an appropriate program for a two-year college library.  Develops the library policy for collection development.  Works to ensure faculty participation in the book selection process.  Keeps abreast of what is being published to identify new titles that might benefit the college community.  Identifies and addresses weaknesses in the collection.  Works with program heads to make sure that the library is a positive force in reaccreditation situations.  Prioritizes purchase needs and creates book and materials orders that spend available funds.   Supervises bibliographic verification, ordering, receiving, and clearing invoices for payment.  Provides direction for weeding the collection and includes faculty in this process.

25% Contributes to and supervises staff in the accomplishment of book cataloging, circulation, reference work, bibliographic instruction, web page development and interlibrary loan.  Schedules reference and circulation staff to ensure coverage of those areas when the library is open.  Addresses complaints about the library and helps resolve issues with patrons.
10% Oversees the library and the Learning Technology Center's participation in the joint activities and obligations of the VCCS's Learning Resource Centers.  Attends statewide meetings of LRC directors. Serves as the library's liaison for the VCCS's library automation projects.  Implements VCCS-supplied library automation software.  Supervises the cleaning up of records in preparation for the transition to new software.  Makes sure the necessary client hardware is in place and that all personnel are trained and all policies are updated.  Ensures our participation in LRC Live, the VCCS's virtual reference project.  Helps coordinate the college's response to VCCS-mandated information literacy testing.
10% Oversees the preparations of the annual Carl Perkins grant.  Works with the LTC manager and the grants coordinator to ensure that the written application is completed and other requirements are met and reported for the grant continuation.  Resolves problems identified by the LTC manager that are unable to be addressed at that level.  Develops and initiates plans to make the LTC an effective provider of technology-based instructional and individual tutorial support.