Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

Position Number: FA093

Reports to: College President (00074)

Directs and coordinates college planning, assessment, and continuous improvement activities, provides input based on data and evidence to support policy development and implementation. Reports to the College President. Serves as the college’s Accreditation Liaison with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Supervises the Coordinator of Research and Assessment, as well as support staff assigned to the department. Collaborates and communicates regularly with the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, college faculty and staff to facilitate planning and evaluation efforts of the college. Interacts with VCCS and other state officials/agencies. Provides regular reports to the VWCC Local Board regarding institutional effectiveness activities.


Planning & Assessment

  • Initiates, coordinates and maintains the implementation of the VWCC Strategic Plan and VCCS Strategic Plan assessment activities to demonstrate the extent to which the college is fulfilling its mission annually and over time.
  • Documents the progress towards institutional and departmental goals.
  • Ensures that compliance with SACS accreditation requirements is incorporated into the planning and evaluation process of the college.
  • Initiates, coordinates and maintains the accountability for academic assessment and college-wide assessment activities directly related to institutional effectiveness.
  • Facilitates the development of a culture of evidence within the institution and supports the development and assessment of college-wide institutional goals, student learning outcomes and administrative/educational support outcomes.
  • Coordinates faculty, staff, student, and related committees and task groups in the development and pursuit of academic assessment activities, and in using assessment results for the improvement of student retention; student persistence in achievement of student goals; and improvement of degree programs, general education, developmental studies, and other aspects of the college's curriculum.
  • Anticipates and creates data for institutional planning for budgeting, faculty productivity, regional demographics, strategic planning and initiatives, and other institutional needs.
  • Directs and administers VWCC’s Academic Program Review process.


  • Communicates with the Coordinator of Grants Development and Special Projects, faculty and staff on the development of grant proposals.
  • Coordinates and assists with cooperative planning, research, and evaluation activities within the College, and between the College and the VCCS.
  • Coordinates and assists with the development and maintenance of information systems related to assessment efforts.
  • Recommends changes in policies and operational procedures based on evidence and recommends strategies for the continued positive development of the College.
  • Coordinates and assists with the preparation and dissemination of reports, research briefs, newsletters, and other communications.
  • Recommends and coordinates research projects and/or studies of College programs, services, and activities including, but not limited to, student services, instructional evaluation, student success efforts, instructional costs, faculty data, management policies, student learning outcomes, administrative/educational support outcomes, and program planning and review.
  • Serves as central repository of statistical reports, and serves as a technical consultant to the faculty and staff in research activities related to their various functions or programs.
  • Serves as a point for referral of requests from administrative and instructional faculty or from outside the college, for research data, e.g., questionnaires from educational and governmental agencies. Prepares reports as required by the VCCS, SCHEV, IPEDS and other agencies, to include facilities space utilization reports.
  • Researches, collects, develops and provides data to assist in determining the educational needs of the Virginia Western Planning region and assists appropriate staff in transforming those needs into viable educational programs and services.


  • Coordinates the preparation of the annual profiles and any other reports requested by SACSCOC.
  • Ensures that electronic institutional data submitted to SACSCOC is accurate and timely.
  • Maintains documentation files and systems of all accreditation materials for SACSCOC, such as, reports related to the decennial review; accreditation committee reports; accreditation manuals, standards, and policies; schedules of all visits; and correspondence from accrediting offices.
  • Familiarizes faculty, staff, and students with the Commission's accrediting policies and procedures, and with particular sections of the accrediting standards and Commission policies that have application to certain aspects of the campus (e.g., library, continuing education) especially when such documents are adopted or revised.
  • Serves as a contact person for Commission staff.
  • Serves as a resource person during the decennial review process and helps prepare for and coordinate reaffirmation and other accrediting visits.
  • Coordinates the collection and notification of substantive changes and program developments in accord with the substantive change policies of the Commission.


  • Coordinates activities related to the governance structure including election of committee members and officers, annual meeting schedule, and meeting locations.
  • Ensures college committees receive charges from the Executive Staff annually.
  • Ensures the college community is notified of proposed changes that are sent to the Executive Staff through the governance structure.
  • Serves on the Institutional Effectiveness Committee and other college committees for representation of the IEO.

06/12, updated 08/18