Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Director of Facilities Planning & Development

Position Number: FA051

Reports to: Vice-President of Financial & Administrative Services (FA131)

Directs, manages, and supervises all aspects of the College Facilities Management Services Department and performs institutional planning and construction engineering. Directs all programs of grounds maintenance, custodial services, buildings and plant maintenance and repair, skilled trades, renovation projects, new construction, and contract administration. Performs duties in the areas of mechanical, electrical and civil engineering and architecture, maintenance and operation planning and budgeting, capital outlay and facilities master planning and budgeting, construction inspection, and communications. Coordinates various engineering matters and projects with VCCS offices and state agencies and outside contractors as appropriate. Provides technical advice and assistance to college officials on all engineering matters. Ensures compliance with Building Code requirements and other state agency requirements for buildings and grounds physical plant. Receives general direction from the Vice-President of Financial and Administrative Services.


Develops facilities master plans for building renovations, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, fire alarm/suppression systems, plumbing systems, and equipment installations, and space utilization. Plans and prepares studies of the existing physical plant for development of future needs/plans. Represents the college on all construction projects and serves as the liaison with VCCS Facilities and Engineering, other state agencies, outside contractors and consultants, and local government officials. Presents plans to City of Roanoke officials relative to parking, traffic, and services provided by the City to the college.

Coordinates construction timing with outside contractors and/or Facilities Management Services work schedule. Reviews plans and specifications with contractors and FMS personnel and inspects construction work to ensure compliance with plans and specifications. Reviews any changes to plans and specifications, and takes action to obtain approval as necessary.

Selects and initiates requisitions for mechanical/electrical equipment according to specifications for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, fire alarm/suppression, etc., and initiates purchases of other similar equipment. Approves purchasing of materials and supplies initiated by B&G supervisors within the confines of the approved budget.

Utilizes CAD to develop, maintain and update facilities master plans and for scope of work plans. Makes certain all Building Code requirements, including handicapped accessibility, are included in plans.

Prepares space utilization plans and determines electrical power needs and capabilities. Confers with and advises Director of Institutional Research and Planning on space utilization reporting requirements.

Develops bid specifications on renovation and repair projects and ensures all bid requirements are followed. Receives and reviews bids and recommends award. Participates in all bidding processes on major projects by working closely with consulting engineers and architects and VCCS Offices.

Develops scope of work plans for parking facilities for maximum parking efficiency according to established design regulations. Develops master traffic management plan for most efficient traffic routing and control. Coordinates traffic controls with City of Roanoke officials for public streets and rights-of-way.

Monitors the levels of utilities usage at the college for electrical and water consumption, and wastewater disposal. Detects water losses and locates areas of water line breaks for maintenance and repair. Plans and develops energy conservation programs for the reduction of the level of electrical consumption. Administers the college's automated energy conservation program for HVAC usage. Conducts preliminary energy audits, and prepares and submits grant applications relative to energy and water conservation.

Administers numerous contract labor programs in the FMS Department. Oversees the compliance with contract specifications and requirements and establishes quality of work standards. Identifies and corrects contract labor problems with contract management. Recommends contract revisions as needed to the Dean and the President for better facilities maintenance. Directs the inspection of contract labor through appropriate FMS supervisors.

Develops master plans for comprehensive landscaping of the college campus for submission to the President and the Vice-President. Coordinates landscaping plans with the college's horticulture instruction program, which will serve as advisors to the master plan. Develops master preventive maintenance plans for college vehicles, HVAC systems, major custodial maintenance, motorized equipment and FMS equipment and materials, major grounds and building maintenance.

25% Develops and recommends capital outlay plans and budgets for the physical plant, including existing facilities and new construction. A master six-year capital outlay planning document is to be developed and updated every two years in cooperation with executive management (President’s cabinet), college governance committees, and the VCCS Facilities and Engineering staff. Advises the President and Vice-President on major capital outlay needs. Plans, develops, and manages the operating budget for all FMS activities and physical plant.
15% Provides technical advice and assistance and makes presentations to the Vice-President, the College President, and the Local Board on major capital projects, capital outlay budget for physical plant and other engineering matters. Confers frequently with the Vice-President on projects underway and planned. Confers frequently with VCCS Facilities and Engineering, State Department of Engineering and Buildings and other appropriate agencies on the technical aspects of all engineering matters and State policies and regulations relative to buildings and grounds operations. Performs related duties as required.