Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Coordinator of Workforce Development

Position Number: FA073

Reports to: Vice-President of Workforce Development (FA166)
Interim Report: Dean of Business, Engineering & Technology (FA113)

The Coordinator of Workforce Development is responsible for the overall operation, coordination, and evaluation of credit and non-credit workforce development offerings, including specialized credit and non-credit programming, job-related and non-job related training programs and classes. The overall responsibilities of this position consist of managing a program that supports the expansion of business, industry and community educational workforce services to companies, organizations, agencies and individuals within the Virginia Western Community College service region.

Specific Responsibilities

Assists the Vice President for Workforce Development in the development of short and long-range plans for strengthening the concept of workforce development in all disciplines and in all areas of the college. Responsible for meeting the goals and objectives of the College's workforce development and continuous learning programs in accordance with strategic goals and performance standards established by Virginia Western Community College and Virginia Community College System. Researches and prepares occupational forecasting, workforce demands and trends, special studies and surveys. Assists the Vice President in creating and implementing a strategic plan applying leadership and vision to develop and implement credit and non-credit workforce education programs to include credit and non-credit classes (hybrid, classroom, on-line, and distance learning), WDS courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, teleconferences, and consulting services in collaboration with faculty and staff. Assists in the hiring process; assists in completing regular staff performance evaluations; makes recommendations for hiring, promotions, and provides discipline and rewards as appropriate. Supervises administrative and classified staff associated with Workforce Development Services and the area's One-Stop System as assigned.

Performs research and development activities in an effort to expand and improve the College's response to community and business/industry needs for adult vocational and special interests education. Provides assistance in the strategic planning process for systematic program review. Develops and maintains partnerships with cooperating agencies, faculty and staff in administering programs to ensure the needs of area businesses and credit and non-credit students are met. Coordinates with academic leaders on future and current development of curriculum, area plans, and budgets for workforce academic programs. Works with the Vice President of Workforce Development and Vice President of Academic and Student Services to identify programs for expansion, modification, deletion, and development.

Administers the budgeting and evaluation of workforce programs to include developing revenue goals, reviewing expenditures, and ensuring adherence to the budget as established by the supervisor.

Develops and maintains contact with workforce investment partners, social service agencies, community based organizations, other community colleges and vested partners to advocate on behalf of the employment and training needs of local business, industry, government, school systems, medical facilities, non-profit and professional organizations and individuals. Develops and maintains positive relationships with the Local Advisory Board, community, business, faculty, One-Stop Service Center representatives, and other business, industry and educational institutions, local workforce development board, Virginia Workforce Commission and other organizations regarding workforce programs.

Responsible for Work Keys, job readiness and skills upgrading, certification, Adult Basic Education, and other workforce services to include some or all of the following: teach classes; maintain records of attendance, student competencies, and progress; and participate in ongoing curriculum development. Coordinate the development of classroom, hybrid and on-line training and work experience opportunities for participants/students. Work closely with faculty, participants and other training partners to periodically monitor progress; complete faculty contracts, attendance records, progress reports, case notes and other necessary paperwork.

Conduct outreach in the community to recruit for Workforce Development programs by distributing outreach materials, directly contacting targeted community members, networking with appropriate community organizations, and utilizing the broadcast and print media. Collaborates and works with appropriate Vice Presidents, Academic Deans, and with appropriate staff to prepare workforce development media publications.

Develop joint Individual Performance Plans for Workforce Development Program staff to support VWCC and VCCS goals as assigned. Provide plan coordination to include identification of barriers, identification of type and duration of training, ongoing vocational/educational assessment and career planning, referrals and support services, periodic evaluation of planned goals and case records to document program and individual accomplishments. Coordinate with local, regional and VCCS staff to enhance effective program service delivery. Executes administrative procedures related to personnel, staffing, planning, budgeting, program management, and inventorying as delegated by the College President and/or Vice President for Workforce Development, and/or other designee.

Coordinates with the VP of Workforce Development the review and assessment of workforce development programs to ensure requirements of statewide, college and system standards, to determine how the needs of business and industry are met, how to improve meeting those needs to assess and determine methods of productivity of placement rates, withdrawal rates, and completion rates.

Monitors state and federal accrediting regulations impacting workforce development and technical/vocational education and prepares executive summaries and briefs to communicate progress/ changes with college staff. Coordinates the reporting of state and federal workforce development funding projects.