Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Coordinator For Marketing & Strategic Communications

Position Number: FA013

Reports to: Executive Director of Educational Foundation & External Relations

The Coordinator for Marketing and Strategic Communications is responsible for the development and implementation of strategic marketing initiatives, strengthening coverage in the media, and providing leadership in the areas of marketing, communications and media relations.  The position supervises the Department that directly supports Virginia Western’s marketing, enrollment, communications, and public relations goals through performing the following:

  • Serves as the College’s Public Information Officer maintaining effective relationships with the print and on-air media that lead to public awareness of the College’s many contributions to the community.  Responds to media inquiries with timely, accurate and appropriate information to enhance the college's reputation, and favorably reflects the work of Virginia Western Community College, and our students, faculty and staff. Supervises support staff in the development of external and internal communications documents.
  • Directs the processes of preparing and distributing news releases and generating media coverage of college events and programs. Responsible for developing, researching, writing and disseminating communications for a variety of news and public relations efforts including media releases, blogging, newsletters, magazine feature stories, social media posts, VNR (video news release) voiceovers, and website content for Virginia Western Community  College and its programs. This position plays a key role in strategic communications that help advance Virginia Western’s mission and core values to a variety of audiences that engage with the college.
  • Formulates marketing and communication strategies aimed toward student populations, current Virginia Western students, and other targeted community related populations.  Develops and executes an annual marketing plan and budget aimed at contributing to the fulfillment of the college’s enrollment and public relations objectives.  Manages the creative development of advertisement and collateral marketing materials that help fulfill the college’s enrollment goals.
  • Develops and protects Virginia Western’s brand and image insuring that all college communications reflect the vision, values, and mission of the College.  Directs the development of assigned creative work, in keeping with the college's marketing plan and objectives including alignment of said creative work with the intent of the college's strategic goals, brand and image.   Conceptualizes, writes, edits and oversees the production of marketing materials and advertising with an emphasis on high quality and unified branding. Provides professional design and photography services to faculty and staff for a wide variety of print and electronic publications.
  • Actively seeks media ideas and news from many sources at Virginia Western Community College.  Participates on college committees and task groups, providing guidance and bringing a marketing perspective to College activities. Participates on the Campus Safety and Security Committee for carrying out public information duties as identified in the college’s Crisis Management and Continuity of Operations Plans. Researches a wide variety of learning initiatives, programs, grant awards, new curriculum developments, faculty/student/staff recognition and honors, arts and entertainment events, speakers, authors and other college news and writes appropriate articles for key audiences including general audiences, elected officials, key stakeholders, alumni, students and potential students, faculty and staff, reporters, editors, and higher education audiences.
  • Collaborates with the web design/development team in IETS to develop, maintain, revise and update the College’s web presence. Coordinate all social media initiatives of the college.
  • Represents the college at various community events as assigned. Follows national, state and local news stories and trending topics to effectively place Virginia Western achievements in the context of relevant higher education, economic development, workforce training, public policy and societal issues and thus engage wider interest. Prepares position statements and supporting documents for presentation to national, state and local elected and appointed officials regarding legislative and governmental issues affecting the college.