Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Campus Police Chief/Law Enforcement Officer II

Position Number: 00079

Reports to: Vice-President of Financial & Administrative Services (FA131)

This is a management position with responsibility for managing police, security and related services for the Campus Police Department. This position directs, plans, oversees, and evaluates programs to ensure the protection of life and property, detection and investigation of crimes, the enforcement of laws, rules, and regulations. Manages operations in a manner to ensure a high level of professionalism and promote good public relations, owing to the high visibility and public contact nature of the department. Initial and continued employment is conditioned upon meeting the requirements and standards of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services for police officers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Receives general direction from the Coordinator of Facilities Management Services.


Directs a campus police force assigned to provide safety and security coverage of the campus 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Directs routine patrols and provides security coverage when college classes and special events are being held. Makes periodic personal tours of inspection of all facilities on campus. Supervises and performs duties as a certified medical emergency first responder. Oversees replenishment of first-aid supplies and kits campus-wide. Supervises department personnel to insure efficiency, discipline, and morale in the proper performance of duties. Inspects police officers in the performance of their duties. Trains police officers on specific duties, such as, use of communication equipment, including weapons, traffic control, fire protection, reporting irregularities, etc. Arranges for local law enforcement and medical emergency first response training for campus police officers and ensures that periodic retraining is performed to maintain certifications. Provides reports to state agencies on Homeland Security. Secures Grants for equipment or services. Provides active involvement in community policing and maintains relationships with state and local police agencies. Produces policy in compliance with state regulations for law enforcement agencies. Trains and enforces policy. Assures department meets most recent standards and regulations for all state and federal directives. Proactively interacts with community. Interviews and recommends the selection of candidates for employment as police officers. Prepares performance plans and evaluates employees annually according to the plans. Responsible for the preparation of work schedules and the management of the security needs of the campus on a 24 hour basis.

15% Manages the filing and storage of investigative records and files, Daily Report Logs and other documents, and correspondence pertaining to the Campus Police Department. Supervises the preparation of reports and maintenance of information in accordance with the Uniform Crime Reporting System, including the operation of the computer based Incident Based Reporting (IBR) System. Supervises the preparation of reports for statistical crime data to meet the requirements of the Cleary Act. Coordinates enforcement policies and resolution of specific student-related disciplinary problems with the appropriate college officials. Serves as the
primary point of contact in handling punitive measures with respect to habitual student parking violators. Oversees the central receiving and storage of lost and found for the college, including the inventory log, and disposal of unclaimed lost and found items in a legal manner consistent with established policy.
5% Establishes and directs the enforcement of campus parking and traffic regulations and the issuing of citations to violators. Directs arrangements for campus police coverage for special events. Makes special assignments for parking and traffic control and the courteous and efficient handling of students, faculty, staff, and visitors, and the maintenance of order and discipline. Responsible for the proper design and posting of the necessary informational and directional signs in the coordination of special events.
30% Implements a program of emergency preparedness. Directs response, investigation and reporting of a variety of occurrences, such as personal and vehicular accidents, stolen property, disorderly conduct, damage to property, crimes against persons, fires, bomb threats, and suspected crimes. This includes the response of College Police Officers, who are trained as medical emergency first responders to render first aid, CPR and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) treatment until the arrival of City of Roanoke Emergency Services. Establishes and maintains required written programs as required for first response programs and ensures that equipment and supplies are inspected, tested, and maintained in a state of readiness for emergencies. Operates the computer based Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN) and the National Criminal Information Network (NCIC) to perform criminal background checks during investigations, accordance with laws and regulations governing use of those databases. Cooperates with and assists other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in investigations and supplying pertinent information. Makes arrests and apprehends persons when circumstances warrant. Provides surveillance of problem areas by camera or other means. Responds to emergency situations on campus. Directs activities at crime scenes and secures areas as necessary. Responsible for the coordination of building evacuation during fires and bomb threats.
10% Prepares the annual budget for the Campus Police Department and manages expenditures during the fiscal year. Prepares requisitions for uniforms, supplies, etc., and ensures the proper use and care of such materials. Supervises the agency two-way radio and page communications system. Oversees efforts to educate faculty, staff and students on a number of safety related topics, including evacuation training, and telephone call tracing. Primarily assigned to first shift; however, must have flexibility to work second or third shifts.