Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Collection Development & OER Librarian

Position Number: FA005

Reports to: Dean of Learning Resources - FA048

30% Provides leadership for developing balanced library collections that support the curriculum and provide the information needs of students and faculty. Works with the Dean of Learning Resources to determine annual budget allocations for resources and manages budget. Consults with library staff and faculty to identify weaknesses in the collection, select new materials and weed outdated resources. Performs pre-order searching by regularly reading professional journals, publishers’ catalogs, online reviews, and library reference materials. Maintains awareness of popular materials, local and general interests, events and trends and anticipates demand for materials. Maintains book/resource lists for ordering. Promptly submits requisitions/orders and invoices for purchasing resources. Tracks collections budget and provides reports upon request. Oversees receiving of new materials and insures that orders have been fulfilled. Works with relevant consortia in building cooperative collections. Evaluates, recommends, and manages the licensing of non-consortia electronic resources. Creates bibliographies and pathfinders to various library resources to support patron needs and interests. Receives donations and determines appropriateness for inclusion in collections. Meets with vendors and sales representatives to review products and services. Fosters and maintains effective working relationships with vendors. Oversees the creation and constant revision of collection-development methods, including faculty notification plans and the library’s collection development policy. Stays abreast of trends and changes in academic publishing and informs colleagues about these changes and their implications for libraries. Regularly views VCCS library listserv (lincsite) for information regarding resources and collection development and responds accordingly. Maintains an awareness of current library issues and trends affecting all library departments by reading professional literature and participating in professional development activities. Serves as a liaison to specific Schools of the college.
25% Raises awareness of open education activities across the campus, encouraging broad participation by departments and faculty. Leads the library’s initiatives to assist faculty with locating and adapting OER. Collaborates with library staff to coordinate selection of digital content and services in relation to OER initiatives. Guides faculty, students, and staff on open content production and publishing. Participates in the college’s OER committees, workgroups, and initiatives. Maintains current knowledge of issues in open education, open textbooks, open access, copyright, and intellectual property. Maintains a LibGuide that focuses on VWCC and VCCS OER projects, resources, and data. Regularly views VCCS library listserv (lincsite) for information regarding OER and responds accordingly.
20% Trains and supervises one full-time employee (Library Specialist II/Periodicals, SSDL, Technology) and any student workers as needed. Determines work schedules, assigns work to employees, and manages day-to-day supervisory tasks.
10% Works at public service desks (Reference and Circulation) as needed, including some weekend and evening hours. Answers reference queries and helps students with their research needs. Assists students using the library’s computers. Helps students locate, check out, and return items in the circulating and reserve collections. Provides study room entry and performs other routine tasks at service desks and on library’s top floor.
5% Provides non-authoritative but informed answers to copyright questions that occur at the college. Consults with colleagues, takes advantage of training opportunities, and stays up-to-date on copyright issues and developments. Writes/revises copyright policy with appropriate approval, and publishes it on the college's website. Educates the college community on copyright do’s and don’ts.
5% Manages the college archives. Adds new items and their descriptions to the Excel database, which is available from the college's archives page. Builds the archives by identifying lacunae and seeking items from the college's departments. Controls access to the archives and devises procedures and policies for the use and maintenance of the archived materials. Facilitates ordering of archival supplies.
5% Participates in college committees and special projects. Upholds the policies of the college and the VCCS. Collaborates effectively with the academic schools, with Student Services, and other non-academic departments. Supports agency and departmental strategic objectives.