Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Coordinator of Dual Enrollment

Position Number: FA063

Reports to: Vice-President of Academic & Student Affairs (FA010)

This position provides administrative and management oversight for the Dual Enrollment Program and serves the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs in a variety of administrative duties and functions.


Administers dual enrollment programs with the partnership school systems and the various high schools and technical centers. Plans and identifies in consultation with college faculty, School Deans and local high school administrators, the most appropriate dual enrollment courses and coordinates the scheduling and delivery of such courses and related services. Responsible for three yearly communications with dual instructors which outline dual procedures for each semester, sets forward calendar of dates and deadlines, procedures for checking class rosters and for entering grades. Responsible for collecting, coding and disseminating class rosters to the Admissions Office for registration of dual students each semester, and initiates drop/add/withdrawal procedures for students Responsible for developing dual enrollment contracts for each school system in partnership area. Responsible for providing the Business Office with billing information and class rosters for each semester’s billing of local school systems. Assists in the coordination of the on-line application process for partnership schools, students and parents, as well as assists with the coordination of placement testing in partnership schools or at VWCC. Responsible for developing and maintaining the dual enrollment web site. Responsible for the yearly dual enrollment calendar, fall and spring semester spreadsheets of dual enrollment instructors and their classes. Confers with school system officials on new course initiatives and helps resolve problems encountered and takes or seeks corrective actions. Secures credentialing information to determine the qualifications of prospective dual enrollment instructors under VCCS-29 form before forwarding to School Deans for confirmation of credentials. Responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the dual enrollment Institutional Effectiveness plan. Responsible for generating reports which indicate FTE produced each semester, estimates of costs to the institution, comparisons of enrollments in various courses at various schools. Supports the Records Office in securing outstanding grades, incompletes, or missing grades for specific students.


Supports the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs in duties and functions of the Vice-President's Office. Completes special projects for the Academic and Student Affairs area and other special projects as assigned by the Vice-President or the President. On behalf of the Vice-President, hears and helps resolve student complaints regarding academic issues in dual enrollment.