Faculty Handbook :: Position Descriptions

Records Coordinator/Registrar

Position Number: 00016

Reports to: Director of Financial Aid, Veteran's Affairs & Records (FA090)

Directly responsible for providing overall direction and day-to-day leadership and management of staff, services, and resources of the Records Offices for the college. This position is the institution’s charge person for the Records Office and requires considerable independent decision-making, coordination and planning ability. Directly responsible for interpreting an extensive variety of technical and programmatic instructions, inclusive of new laws, rules and regulations, and analyzing impacts and making recommendations to the Director of Financial Aid & Records. Maintains a close working relationship with the academic deans, and other Student Services personnel throughout the college. Directly responsible for the administration and coordination of multi-functions related to academic services, including all graduation functions and certifications; academic records security, retention and disposition; student information access and release; advanced standing and award of credit; student curriculum tracking and course substitution; all phases of grade reporting, auditing and processing; academic renewal status; college reference and referrals, court issued subpoenas of student records, administrative withdrawals, course overloads, third repeat requests, late adds, tuition refunds and auditing and maintenance of student records. Serves as FERPA Coordinator for the college, and is responsible for ensuring that the release of student data is in compliance with federal guidelines. Responsible for the training, supervision, and evaluation of employees performing all records related functions for the college.


Supervises and coordinates complex and comprehensive record processes of the college by directing the work activities of staff to meet the needs of students, public and other college personnel. Manages functions of Records Offices including approval of student correspondence, computer support and analysis of data. Performs work of considerable difficulty in the accurate maintenance of records for all current and former students of the college. Directs, supervises, and maintains complex record-keeping processes of the college for all current and former students by developing, planning, and implementing procedures necessary to meet the needs of students, college personnel, and general public. Plans, organizes, and monitors necessary checks and balances to ensure that records are properly maintained. Maintains considerable contact with faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni, financial institutions, and other academic institutions regarding student information and records. Independently applies all federal and state laws, VCCS, SACS, and VWCC policies to the college records functions. Evaluates and implements college policies, methods, and procedures regarding student records management and release of information, graduation and transcripts. Confers with VWCC administrators and staff on existing and revised VCCS policies and methods. Makes necessary modifications to these systems, and recommends and implements policy and procedural changes as needed. Creates and maintains an SIS Records Office Processes manual, and disseminates information to college personnel as needed. Also conducts annual review of the VWCC Faculty Handbook as it relates to Records procedures. Serves as Liaison with IETS in matters concerning the SIS. In cooperation with the IETS staff, develops and evaluates procedures to ensure accurate data processing for all student records. Inputs necessary changes and monitors updates to student information and records in SIS. Creates new student groups and requests security through IET for employees who need access to those groups. Creates new Student Attributes. These attributes are used to track a specific group of students in the SIS. Develop and maintain documentation of business processes and upgrades. Supervises the auditing and processing of student records and coordinates and supervises the purging of records. Ensures the proper disposal of records in accordance with the Virginia State Library policy. Reviews and approves all communications with school offices and local high schools regarding grading procedures. Evaluates and approves or denies requests course overloads, and third repeats based on mitigating circumstances. Restores Emplids from the SIS Archive Database. Processes Admission Revocations when students apply for the wrong terms. Corrects dual enrolled student information in the SIS for the dual enrollment coordinator. Refers unusual requests and appeals to the Director of Financial Aid & Records and/or Dean of Student Services.


Provides supervision and management for the college graduation certification process and ensures that timely and accurate graduation reports are generated. Responsible for the Graduation Analysis process which tracks graduates from application to graduation. Ensures that students have met all requirements for graduation. Works closely with IET to identify any issues related to the Graduation Analysis and ensures those changes made working correctly. Works closely with the Assistant to VP/ Academic & Student Affairs to ensure all requirements are correct on the ADV and GRAD reports that show student’s progress in designated programs. Establishes deadline dates for graduation processes and applications. Oversees all aspects of graduation including: preparation and dissemination of graduation materials and mailings to the student population, graduate eligibility, communication with students, school offices and outside vendors, ordering of required materials necessary for students to graduate, and the regulation and maintenance of graduation records. Ensures that each graduate’s education data (plan, grade point average, academic honors, honor societies, etc.) are entered into the SIS with zero errors. Manages the approval of student’s eligibility for graduation, which includes the review of applications and working with the academic deans, faculty advisors, program advisors, and students to ensure that all requirements for graduation are met, requirements are sufficiently documented, and necessary approvals are on file. Ensures potential graduates receive an acknowledgement/instruction letter for graduation. Supervises the diploma creation process and assures the accuracy of student diplomas. Confers with academic deans when problems with potential graduates arise in an effort to resolve problems expeditiously and efficiently. Supervises the management of several databases (SIS, DOD) required for graduate tracking, awarding of degrees, and announcing graduates at the spring graduation ceremony. Responds to deans, the President’s office, and state officials related to graduation inquiries and provides accurate reports and documentation as requested. Responds to telephone calls and electronic mail inquiries regarding graduation. Ensures delivery of accurate graduation information to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Office and President’s Office in preparation for the graduation ceremony. Provides supervision for the graduation commencement exercise and attends the ceremony to answer questions, resolve issues and assist with the flow of the ceremony. Serves as a co-chair of the Commencement Committee. In conjunction with the VWCC Public Relations Office, ensures that accurate information is reported to the media regarding the annual graduating class. Posts degrees to academic records. Responsible for the protection, security and confidentiality of all records during handling and processing of graduation. Ensures that VWCC, VCCS and SACS academic policies and regulations are maintained at all times. Works closely with the bookstore manager to ensure students are ordering correct regalia for the ceremony and to coordinate the cap and gown pick up event on campus.


Independently directs all grade processing for the college. Creates and communicates grading guidelines and procedures to schools and instructors and ensures that correct procedures are followed. Directs the performance of SIS queries for missing grades/rosters and necessary communications with school offices regarding problems. Ensures that the drop purge, grade roster generation, posting of grades, processing of third repeat rules, awarding of academic standing and honors, and the Incomplete Grade Process are performed with accuracy each semester, including dual enrollment grade processing. Works closely with the VWCC Dual Enrollment Coordinator and maintains communication with local high schools to ensure accurate and timely dual enrollment grade processing. Assures that all security measures and grade reporting policies, as designed by the College Grade Plan are enforced, and performs an annual review of policy in coordination with the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. Approves instructor and academic dean requests for student grade changes, and is responsible for all communications with academic schools regarding any questions or problems associated with the changes. Follows established guidelines and procedures when researching and approving a student grade change appeal. Responsible for running the PERC (Post Enrollment Requirement Checking) Rosters for program heads to ensure students have met the necessary pre-requisites for classes they are enrolled in. Also runs the ENF/ENG process which assigns students to the correct student group after grades are posted and the student has successfully met the pre-requisite.

15% Plans, assigns, and supervises the work of all personnel in the Records Offices. Interviews, recommends for hire, and trains full-time and part-time employees. Supervises all part-time employees, student employees, and work-study students in office procedures and methods. Recommends in-service training and conducts new employee orientations. Develops work standards to use in evaluating the performance of each employee by establishing and using current job descriptions and formally evaluates employee performance on an annual basis. Develops and administers the budget for the Records Office. Supervises the requisition of materials and supplies. Creates, adds, or deletes forms that are required for office operations. Performs other duties as assigned.
10% Oversees and coordinates personnel charged with the maintenance and updating of student records including: approval and award of advanced standing credit [(AP), CLEP, International Baccalaureate, occupational and previous completion credit, credit-by-exam, military related credit], audits, approval and award of academic renewal, course substitutions, college referral and reference requests for current and former students. Supervises the training of new employees in the processes for awarding of course substitution credit, audits, credit-by-exam and previous completion credit, AP, CLEP, International Baccalaureate, occupational, previous completion credit, and military related credit. Ensures that all changes and corrections to student programs and plans are appropriately recorded in the student’s record. Assures that VCCS, SACS, and VWCC policies, and federal/state regulations are applied and maintained at all times.
5% Provides overall supervision and management for academic transcript processing and enrollment verification requests for current and former students. Supervises the training of employees in transcript processing. Supervises the requests for corrections to academic records. Ensures that the 20,000+ transcript requests (web, mail, fax) received by the college annually from students, four-year universities and business and industry are processed according to established guidelines. Develops and maintains appropriate correspondence on behalf of students regarding their enrollment status to employers, lending institutions, insurance companies, Social Security Administration, student loan agencies, and other federal and state agencies for verification of student enrollment status. Coordinates requests from law enforcement and military agencies for purposes of employment, military recruitment, or criminal investigations; performs queries of SIS to obtain necessary data for requesting agencies. Develops methods and procedures and manages the release of student information and student transcripts based on VWCC, VCCS and SACS academic policies, and federal and state regulations. Oversees the transmission of student data to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse several times per semester.
5% Oversees compliance with federal guidelines, serving as FERPA coordinator on behalf of the college. Tracks changes and modifications to FERPA policies on the federal level as well as changes implemented via the VCCS. Trains staff, advises college personnel every semester, and designs and disseminates brochures regarding federal guidelines affecting the release of information, as well as VCCS, SACS and VWCC policies in order to accurately and promptly respond to requests for information. Responds to subpoenas dealing with student records and according to strict FERPA guidelines, and communicates with the court system and law offices in such matters. Communicates and documents all procedure and policy changes regarding student records and FERPA to school offices and faculty.